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I'm not a runner but I've been following the shoe discussions on this site for a long time.  Great info!  I have crummy knees so I walk instead of run, 2-3 miles daily on pavement plus the occasional off road hike.  I've used Merrell's for years and got the Bare Access Arc 2's a few months ago and LOVE them.  My knees are so much better now though I'm still waiting for the foot/calf soreness to go away.  I wear the BA all day, every day.  All of my old shoes cause my knee pain to return.

I'm looking for another shoe, similar to the BA, to wear occasionally to give my feet/calves a break.  But I don't want to mess up my knee improvement.  Will be used strictly for walking.  I occasionally wander off through tall grass with thorns/brambles so something with a bit of foot protection would be a plus.  I would consider 2 pairs of shoes if necessary ... one for rotation during walking/casual use and one for the "field work."  I tried the Merrell Proterras but they were too stiff and slipped on my heel.


Any suggestions?  And thanks for such an informative site.


  • I'm thinking the calf soreness is from the zero drop shoe.  By the way I love the Bare Access too.  You might look for about a 4mm drop shoe as that's in my sweet spot of getting no calf or Achilles soreness.  I don't know what to suggest however when you talk about going into the underbrush.  The shoes I know of I don't know how well the uppers would stand up to brambles others may know of some.
  • Honestly, I walked in my Altra Instincts quite a bit.  I found them to be EXTREMELY comfortable.  Once you're used to running in zero-drop shoes, I never notice any calf discomfort.
  • Thanks guys.  Any suggestions for a shoe similar to the Bare Access, maybe a bit more cushion, flexible and a 4mm drop?  I talked with the people at Altra and they recommended the Lone Peak 1.5.  Still a zero drop shoe though.  I'm not sure if more cushion would give my feet/legs enough of a break or if I need the extra 4mm.
  • The Flow 3 line from Karhu is around 5mm drop and I'm putting a pair (trail) through it's paces right now, great runner- but I would suspect an awesome walking shoe as well. Definitely more stack but still feels great. I run in all the Merrell M-Connect line and these are a step up in cushioning with a great feel for the ground.
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