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For a long time I've been running without ever taking a drink with me on the road. I came to realization I should change that. I think I'll probably go for something handheld.

What do you guys use and why?


  • I only bring something to drink if it's over 90 minutes.  Otherwise I don't really need it.  I do have protein and carbs at the car or home to eat and drink as soon as I'm done.
  • Same here- I will even stretch it to 2 hours. Beyond that I like the Nathan bottles with the fully insulated adjustable handle. No real need to grip and no slimy feel against the bottle itself. In the mountains I like the Berkey Sport bottle with a premium filter so I can fill up anywhere- using the Nathan handle. The fully wrapped bottle is definitely my preference for a several hour outing...
  • I used to run up to 10 miles without water but now I find myself drinking my entire 20 oz water bottle on a 6 mile jaunt. I love my Amphipod handheld. http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/AMP119/
  • I bring water for anything over an hour - I live in a desert and my mouth gets really dry.  I like the Amphipod handheld 12 oz.  For me, a bigger bottle feels too cumbersome and for most runs 12 oz is enough.  If I'm on a 2 hour+ run, I'll plan a refill stop.

    I would like to get a hydration pack for longer trail runs but haven't figured out what would work best for my small short torso.  The Camelbak I have for mountain biking holds 100 ounces and is not comfortable to run in, but I haven't tried anything else yet.

  • Another vote for the Amphipod. I have both the 12 and 20 oz versions. I prefer the the form of the 12 oz much better but at times this isn't enough water for me.

  • I've got a few that I use. The Nathan QuickDraw Elite is a good handheld. It's a 22 oz bottle and has a zipper pocket for a phone, keys, gel, etc. I've also got the Camelback Delaney Race waistbelt. I don't use it that much, but it works pretty good and comes with smaller bottles for gels and has a zipper pocket for other stuff too. It bounces a little, but it's really not too bad. I just got a Scott Jurek Grip handheld for Ultimate Direction, but haven't tried it out yet.

    Heather, Nathan makes a couple packs that are designed specifically for women that you might want to try.
  • I will add that the one of the benefits of the Nathan bottles that I have seen is that the pock is large enough to fit a smartphone in while the Amphipod does not. This is beneficial from a safety standpoint as well as allowing you to carry a camera in case you get to a beautiful overlook/sunset that you want to capture.
  • Bought a Nathan Quickdraw Plus (650ml/22oz). Looks perfect for my needs and I appreciate the extra pocket. I tried running with a belt the other day, but it was not a success. The belt would not stay in place. After a few hundred meters it was already up in my armpits and I just couldn't get it right. If I really like the Quickdraw, I might consider buying a smaller handheld bottle as well, for shorter runs. Will give the Quickdraw its first try tomorrow.
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    I like both the Quickdraw and the Amphipod, the Amphipod is most comfortable to hold in-hand. 

    For a simple pack, I like the Hydrapak E-Lite vest: http://www.hydrapak.com/e-lite-vest/

    The Nathan Minimist is also decent if you have a larger frame: http://www.nathansports.com/hydration/race-vests/minimist
  • For about a year (as long as I have been running long enough distances to worry about water) I have been bringing my ATM card with me and simply buying water once or twice depending on the run.  This of course assumes there is somewhere to buy water.  the drawbacks are cost and the break in the run to buy the water (lines).  because I live in a suburb with lots of parks I have recently just noted where the parks were along my running route and just used the water fountain at the park.  It feels more "minimalist" and I haven't yet taken on the challenge of getting used to running with a bottle over the course of an entire run (need to).
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