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Hi All


I typically run in either the Brooks Pure Flow or Altra Torin.  Both combine cushioning with low drop.  On shorter run when I want to see what I can do I slap on the Saucony A5.


I am looking for a shoe with more drop and cushioning without going overboard (maybe max 8mm drop) for recovery days when my calves etc are killing me.  the challenge has been that I have gotten used to the generous toe box on both the Pure Flows and the Torins. 


Any suggestions for a shoe that has the characteristics on non minimal drop, amply cushioning but also a generous toe box?


  • Saucony Triumph 10 or Ride 6. Both have ample cushioning and 8mm heel to toe drop. As far as toe box, they both would be similar to PureFlow, but not as generous as your Altras.
  • The Mix Master has a larger toe box than the Saucony but a 4mm drop.
  • Thanks for the suggestions - the mix master doesn't sound like it fits the bill for a recovery shoes but maybe worth trying to put into the rotation.  Had a chance to get some Triumph 10's on a daily deal site recently and passed...  Oh well support your local Roadrunner Sports.
  • Asics Gel Lyte33 2. It's has a 6mm drop, a decent amount of cushioning, and has a roomier fit than the Kinvara 3 & Virrata, both of which are fairly similar to the A5 fit. So far I only have 11 miles on it, but seems to fit the bill of a shoe that you'd want to for slow recovery days.
  • If you can afford them, try the Hoka One One Bondi. The toe box isn't huge, but it is a great recovery shoe with a little drop. 

  • Tried the Gel Lyte33 2, almost bought them prior to the BM just to have the BM shoe.  Toe box is significantly more cramped than even the Pure Flow.  Also tried the Hoka One One on and it felt like I would be running on a mattress, not sure I wantto go that extreme and its zero drop which may not assist the calves as much as 6-8mm


    Thanks for the input.  Open to more suggestions

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