Mizuno Cursoris

With regards to Mizuno Cursoris and other shoes with a thin layer such as Adidas Adipure Gazelle's and Saucony Hattori's, do they keep your foot warm enough during winter/cold weather runs?  How are they on cool days as well?

Thanks :)


  • As someone who runs sockless even in winter?

    You don't have to do anything.  The shoes are sufficient.  My feet are warm in my Bare Access 2's.
  • Of course, if you're running in snow, there's a different story.

    I've never run in the Cursoris, but I wouldn't be surprised if my feet were still hot and sweaty in them, even in Winter.
  • Regarding my experience with - Adidas Adipure Gazelle's:

    "Do they keep your foot warm enough during winter/cold weather runs?"  - personally - no - I could feel the cold air coming into the shoe and my feet tend to numb up in the winter so for me it wouldn't fly (in typical New England winter (snow/cold)

    "How are they on cool days as well?" I started using them again for outside runs in the spring and it was fine
  • For reference, @kagule: have you ever run in the Bare Access 2's?  They were one of the first shoes I'd ever run in that I could actually see daylight through.
  • BryanEW710 - Bare Access 2's - no - I probably would have tried them as I did run and like the Pace Glove, but 0 drop hasn't worked out well for me so I stick with 4mm drop shoes.

  • OK.  Quite frankly, the closest I got to running in the Cursoris was trying it on at a marathon expo after my first 10K (didn't know it at the time, but I'd bruised a hamstring).  Would've liked to take a jog in them, but I seriously doubt my feet would've been cold in anything but snow.
  • Thanks for the reply guys.  I think I will go ahead with purchasing the Cursoris and let you all know how they fair.  
  • I'm honestly curious.  They seem like really neat shoes.  

    Keep this thread up with your impressions!
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