Musha 2 replacement

I have a pair of Mizuno Wave Musha 2s, the ones that were blue and yellow with the sparkly blue laces.  I bought them after they showed up on Runblogger as a possible 'transitional' shoe.  I love these shoes but they are biting the dust and I'm on the lookout for a replacement.  I don't think the current Mushas would work as well; the 2s are closer to the ground and I think the toebox is wider than whatever version is out now.

What I love about them is the fit - fairly wide in the toes; the amount of cushioning - somewhat firm but still a bit cushioning; not too thick of a sole - I think they are 18mm at the heel and 9 at the forefoot.  They just feel really good to run in.  Any ideas of what's out now that would be similar?  I could go for a lower heel-toe difference but I wouldn't want a bigger drop.



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