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Any thoughts on the brand as a whole?  Also would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience running in the form, core, or phase. 



  • I've run in the Form. A bit too much like a casual shoe masquerading as a running shoe for my taste. Not a fan of the little central pod under the heel that sticks out further than the rest of the sole. Some of the newer shoes look better.
  • How did you feel about the leather upper vs a mesh upper? Hopefully the leather didn't sacrifice breathability because I like the concept in regards to durability.
  • Been awhile, but my recollection was they were sweaty. I prefer open mesh.
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    I currently run in both the Form and Phase and really enjoy each of them.  Last week I PR'd by nearly an hour at the Greenland Trail 50K while wearing the Form.  The leather upper of the Form is actually very comfortable and quite soft.  With well over 200 miles on them now they still look quite new with very little wear on the sole.  Build quality is top notch, make no mistake about it.

    The Phase is very light and the most minimal shoe in their lineup.  Probably not enough protection on technical trails for my liking, but definitely another comfortable offering with a little bit more spacious toe-box than the Form.  If you're looking for an opinion on one or the other I'd have to give the slight nod to the SKORA Form, but I'm extremely happy with both.
  • Love this brand. Definitely on minimal end of spectrum with limited cushioning (in my opinion). I have the Form. I don't run in them often (still transitioning to more minimal shoes), so I frankly use them more as a dressy casual shoe. They work extremely well for this. Leather is very soft, supple, and breathable- not as much as mesh, but it still works well, especially if you wear wicking socks (also feels nice barefoot but sweatier for sure).

    When I have run in them, they have been a treat- responsive, flexible, and fairly light. Unfortunately I haven't been able to run very far in them but they've been great when I have. Can't comment on the phase or core, but they both look intriguing and well worth a look.

    Overall, these folks make high-quality shoes. Also have been very pleased with their prompt customer service (help with sizing, exchange due to defect in my first pair, and returns, amongst other things). Hope that helps a bit.

  • They seem great.  I was part of the crew chosen to "test" them pre-production.  However, I couldn't even get them on my foot.  I have an extremely wide foot.  While some shoes I can get on before deciding they won't work, the Skoras wouldn't even go on.  Take that to mean that they are for more narrow-footed folks.  But, they seemed high quality.

    Not for vegans, BTW ;)
  • A few people have noticed the center pod, and they feel it sticks out and bothers them. Something I have not noticed after about 2,000 miles in Form and Base. 

    Hoser, you'll find the newer Phase (no leather) and Core are significantly wider than Form and Base. 

    Because they're not ugly running shoes and that they look great casually doesn't mean they are masquerading as anything other than a good looking shoe, which we feel is nice for a change ;)

    Kyle @
  • I'm currently running with Skora Phase. Size 9 with heel support.
    It's really comfortable and durable if you use it properly. I had to add heel support because the heel of the shoe is too flat even thought it looks like there's support. The heel easily absorbs your foot and that's when it felt uncomfortable. It's supposed to be a minimalist type of shoe but that last minimalist shoes I had has a tight heel support. If you're used to running with the middle part of your foot first or the "ball" of your foot, that part of the shoe will get easily rubbed off by our continous running with that position.
    Over-all experience: Excellent. Good for walking too and cross-fit
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