Asics Gel Lyte 33 2

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I bought these on a whim (like I need more running and have put approximately 40 miles on them. At first I thought they were just way too soft, but kept running in them with hopes they would firm up. Sadly they have not. The fit is perfect, snug in the heel and midfoot with plenty of room in the forefoot. The uppers are really smooth and the 6 mm heel to toe drop didn't seem to bother me (all my other shoes are in the zero to 4 mm drop range). The weight is slightly more than what I usually train in (Virratas, Kinvaras, and GoRun 2's), but didn't seem overly heavy. I even thought they looked kind of cool with the subdued black, red, and lime. But in the end, I just couldn't stand the energy robbing running in sand feeling. I think running in sand feels slightly more responsive than running in these :).

Dear Asics, I wanted to like like you and I thought I would give you one last try, but I laced up my GoRun 2's after three consecutive days of running in the Gel Lyte 33 2's and an immediate warming feeling and sense of being home rushed over me and all I could think of was: "Phew, welcome back GoRuns and Virratas".

Anyone else have a similar experience with the Gel Lyte 33 2's or any other running shoe for that matter?


  • Brooks Ghost 4. Hated running in it.
  • I used to run in the Ghost back in the day. Great lawn cutting shoe...LOL
  • Pretty much.
  • I like my Gel Lyte 33s. Ran Shamrock Marathon in them. They are a bit soft, but my legs felt fine in them. I have moved on to Brooks Pure Connects and can feek the difference in responsiveness.
  • Bought these recently since I found a pair for under $60. They are indeed very comfortable. I wish the inner of most shoes were as smooth and soft as the GL2. They are really soft and cushioned for a lightweight shoe. But I somewhat agree that they don't seem to be suited for fast running as my times are slower in these than when I run in the Virratas or Kinvaras.

  • I kind of feel that way about my Brooks Pure Flows.  They're very comfortable but they have a bit of that running in sand feeling.  Still wearing them on long runs until I can find something I like better, but I never reach for them for short or faster runs.
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    I still use the Gel-Lyte 33-2's occasionally but not often at all. I thought they'd serve to cushion the shock a little on the cement sidewalks I run so much on locally, and I suppose to an extent that's still true. I've changed my form considerably though and find the cushion more work than pleasure; same with my Brooks PureFlow 2's unfortunately. I find my Kinvara 4's plenty soft enough (if not almost too much so) and prefer to run in any of my Newtons. I purchased a pair (Distance S 2012 model) on sale and found that they suited me very well out of the box. Another sale turned out to be a good one as well as I picked up a pair of Newton Sir Isaac's I purchased as a training/trail shoe possibly, and since they were only $42.99, I didn't have much to lose. I love them! Certainly nowhere close to minimalist, but comfortable and built like they'll last forever too. I'm rotating those right now, with the Distance S and Kinvara 4 and am happy...well you know how it goes, I'm still prone to looking for that "magic" shoe even though I know it doesn't exist!

  • I felt the same way in PureConnects.  My normal everyday shoe is the Merrell Road Glove and the responsiveness I'd grown accustomed to made the PureConnects feel like running in sand.  I could feel it in my quads immediately.  Thankfully REI took them back.
  • I like the GelLyte, been running in the v3 lately. But yes, not a responsive shoe, more built for those long easy miles. Toebox is great which is a selling point for it.
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    I picked up a pair of 3's in my LRS a few weeks ago and gave them a look-over before putting them back on the display...sure looked like a nice, simple shoe.  I was curious about them.
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