Ankle injury leading to gait problems.

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My 9 year old son has had two ankle injuries (growth plate
fracture and then a sprain a year later) and has now developed an odd limp in
his running form.  He says he has no pain.  I'm looking for recommendations for exercises/drills to return him to a more normal
running form?  We’re concerned he’s going to mess up other parts of his
body with his weird gait and very active sports life (travel soccer and


So far, we're having him do achilles stretches, ROM exercises and some stability exercises, but he's being less than fully cooperative.


  • You might check out the videos noted here:
  • Does he have full mobility in the ankle? Did some other part of the body lock up to protect the ankle when he had the injury? Any physical therapist/kinesiologist you can see to get his motion checked?
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