Saucony Type A5 question

edited March 2013 in Saucony
In terms of cushioning, how would these compare with NB 730? I really like the 730's, but would like something a bit softer for my longer runs.
I alternate between GoBionic, NB730 and Road Gloves for shorter runs (up to 10-12K), and up till now did longer runs in Green Silence's. I'd like to replace these with a lower-drop shoe: I'm thinking about the A5, Kinvara or the GoRun2. Any advice? Thanks!


  • I don't have A5s, but from what I've read on this blog and forum, they're pretty firm (they're racing flats). The Kinvara is probably a better option. The next gen model is coming out in May.
  • I have the A4s, I wouldn't say they are softer, really cushioning wise they are about the same as the M730s (which are my main shoes) they main difference is they are stiffer which I think makes them better for racing.
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