Pain in Hamstrings

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Is post-run hamstring pain semi-normal after a 10K?  I just finished my first one on Saturday and found that I could barely straighten my leg to run my cooldown.  Later in the day, I went to jog after something, and found that my right hamstring could barely support me when I went to push off.

I've been having sore hamstrings post-run, but this was the worst!


  • It could be cramping due to dehydration or it could be worse...strained or torn muscle fibers. I've experienced cramping in my hamstrings during long runs exceeding 18 miles or more and found I needed more sodium. I experimented with sodium tabs, but ultimately found that sports drinks instead of water did the trick.
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    No, it's not normal to have hamstring pain after 10k.

    But you already had trouble with it before? Looks more that you have some (overuse ?) injury that never got a chance for healing. Have you just started running recently. "First 10k" indicates this. Since running is an aggravating factor and is likely preventing the healing process from beginning, it is best to find other means of cardiovascular exercise. Furthermore, the important areas to address are strength of the hamstring, hip and leg, flexibility, and soft-tissue mobilization of the tendon and hamstring.

    Additionally, modern lifestyle with all this sitting is detrimental to your glutes, hip flexors and hamstrings. Takes a while to get them functioning again. Sitting all day shortens and tightens them.

    Another note: is it cold where you're running. Could aggravate pain, too.

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    This *was* my first 10k, but I've been running half of my life. I ran XC in high school and had an abbreviated tryout in college. I have been running on and off for the last decade hence. Most recently, my attempt to train for the Tough Mudder was cut short by a strained quad on my opposite leg.

    Factors that could have caused this issue were a lack of proper mileage (I was only doing 12-16mi per week) and the fact that I really didn't get/take proper warm-up before the race.

    That said, I was having sore hamstrings post-run for the last two weeks that I have yet to figure out. I really only kept it up because I was trying to get through the 10K.

    Probably going to take a week off to heal/ice up, but I really wish I knew what the problem was.
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  • For what it's worth, things seem to have devolved to just a balled up soreness in my right hamstring.  There are a couple tender spots, and I have been working them over with a roller and a softball.

    I've also noticed soreness and tightness in my calves, and I have been rolling on this, too.
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  • More detail: there's not really any pain at this point.  What I'm noticing is tightness in my upper hamstrings on both legs, particularly where it attaches to the rear of my pelvis (and glutes). 

    What REALLY has me worried (like small tear kind of worried) is that the muscle on the outer rear of my right leg above my knee feels oddly soft and is a little tender to the touch (though that mostly seems to be skin-deep).  Additionally, when crouching (or even taking a step), it almost feels like my right leg is having taking my weight.  It's not bad, but it just doesn't feel right, does that make sense?
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  • I've got the same pain. Not sure what it is, but for treatment, I went with the old, tried-and-true (but not terribly smart) therapy of running through it. Seems to have gone away, mostly, after 2-3 weeks.

    Also as a for what it's worth, my acupuncturist said that she could take care of it if/when it comes back.
  • Well, I did notice today that I do indeed have a bruise on my right hamstring.  I've pretty much been treating it as such this whole time (RICE).  I did run yesterday, but I'm taking off another week (in addition to last week) just to be safe.
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  • Still dealing with this one.  Going on week #3 of not running.  This sucks!

    Started doing some intense (for me) 5min+ sessions of foam rolling per muscle.  We'll see if it helps.
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  • 3 weeks, rough. Nothing worse than being down for an injury. Hope it gets better.

    If its bruised could rolling it possibly be making it worse?
  • I'm honestly not sure, to be perfectly honest.  I was mainly rolling the non-bruised portion of my upper hamstrings, which were getting sore post-run in the week or two before the 10K.
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  • I've found that 30min of soaking in epsom salts makes me feel pretty comfortable, but by the time I wake up, my mid/upper hamstrings are tight again.  Right now, the muscles just ball up when I try to lift my foot up towards my glutes.
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  • Sometimes i get a tightness in my left hamstring and what I've done that helps is to sit on a tennis ball and roll my glutes and hips. Hard to explain exactly what the spot is. Dunno if it would help you but who knows.
  • If it really hasn't improved all this time, I would seriously consider a doctor...
  • Well, the bruised area isn't so bad, and my range of motion is, relatively, fine.  I honestly don't want to go to a doctor because I feel like it'll be a complete waste of time and money (it has been almost every time I've been injured).
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