Zero Drop vs 4mm

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I've made the transition from 4mm drop shoes to zero drop using the Merrell Bare Access 2 (awesome shoe).  I like to have other shoes to cycle through my running week and so need to buy another pair (always a good thing).  If I end up liking say a 4mm drop shoe am I placing myself in any danger by also using my zero drops?  Or once you go zero never go back?  Thanks!


  • I rotate all the time, my feeling is that throwing different forces at the feet and legs via a small shoe rotation could be of benefit. Within reason of course, my rotation probably violates this rule by about a dozen pairs :)
  • You know, Pete, since you have too many shoes in your arsenal I would be happy to take some of the extras off your hands...
  • Thanks Pete!  That helps.
  • I'm honestly not sure if I really want to go back to 4mm drop. I'm not sure if my recent hamstring issues weren't brought on by having to go back to my old Mirages while I was returning my BA2's. They were beat up pretty bad.
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