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I am currently running in Kinvara 2's for my long runs and I'm loving the transition to minimalism, thanks in most part to this site!! I'll probably get either the Kinvara 3's or Virrata for when my 2's wear out. My question is, what would be the best shoe to use for intervals and sprints? Would a high or low heel to toe drop be best? Any advice is much appreciated! I'm 5'8" 160lbs


  • Since you're already running in 4mm drop shoes, I would stick with something similar for intervals. Generally speaking, you'll want something light with a firm sole. I've never run in Kinvaras but I'm told they have a pretty soft sole. Do you do intervals on a track? I've been doing track work in NB MR00s and love them for it since the surface is very forgiving. You might want to try some racing flats. I know Runblogger is particularly fond of the Saucony A5s.
  • IMHO, be careful of your shoe weights.  You might find that the flats you just spent a ton of money on aren't more than an ounce or two lighter than your training shoes!
  • For speed/sprints I like firm cushioning with a bit of stiffness, particularly if on a track. Tracks are usually cushioned, and a cushioned shoe on a cushioned surface can feel really bad (e.g., I hate Kinvaras on the track, love them on the road). So a flat like the A5, adidas Hagio, Mizuno Universe, etc. would be what I would recommend.
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