Mix Master vs. Bare Access

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Just wondering if anyone has experience running in both models? Merrell lists the cushioning for the Mix Master Move at 9mm and the Bare Access 2 at 8mm. Besides the difference in drop, is the level of cushioning about the same for them then?


  • I've wondered myself. 

    It is important to remember one big difference between the Mix Master and the BA2: the BA2 is zero-drop, while the Mix Master is 4mm.
  • Thanks, I'm sort of trying to figure out whether I want to stick with zero-drop or go back to 4mm for my next shoes, so that's why I'm looking at the two. In all likelihood I'll go with the BA2.
  • Personally, I don't know if I'll ever go back to 4mm!
  • I know what you mean. I started with zero-drop in October and I've been having a bit of a running identity crisis as of late after experiencing some knee pain on a long run (if you've seen my other discussions on this forum you know what I mean). I picked up a pair of Go Runs on the cheap and have been using those recently, but started getting a pain in my right forefoot with them this week, so I'm back to zero-drop after taking a bit of a break (NB MR00). I don't dislike the MR00, but there's just something off about them, and I've heard really good things about the BA2 in comparison.
  • I'd have to actually run a mile or so in the MR00, but a quick jog around the shoe store told me that they just feel completely dead compared to the BA2.  My ONLY complaint about the fit of the BA2 is that I wish that the forefoot pad was a little wider and extended a little further back.  Other than that, I had a small defect in my first pair and I still don't understand why Merrell put blown rubber in the lateral forefoot (that pic was taken with less than 30mi on the shoes!).

  • I made a somewhat hasty decision between the MR00 and BA2 after trying the original BA on in store (they hadn't gotten the new ones yet). I thought the MR00 had more ground feel.
  • I have both - only one run in the Mix Master Move and it was on a very cold day, but they felt a little too firm too me. Need to try again on a warmer day to see if it was just the cold firming up the foam. If you want zero drop, the Bare Access is a good choice.
  • I have both and I really like both.  The Mix Master 2 I don't really like on wet roads as it seems somewhat less grippy and even sometimes slide a bit but on the trails does great.  The BA2 grips like crazy on wet asphalt.  The cushion I guess is similar.  Both have it and it is firm. 
  • Can anyone comment on sizing with the BA2? I asked a Merrell rep through their website and was told they fit true to size, but Runners Warehouse says to order a half size smaller than usual.
  • Well, I wear an 11.5 in the BA2 and Road Glove.  It fit about as long as my old Saucony Mirage 2's, but to wear the Altra Instinct, I'd need to go up to a 12.

    Does that help?
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    I just checked my Kinvara 3s, Inov8 245s, Merrel Mixmaster 2s and BA 2s and they are all size 9.

  • Thanks both of you. Based on my last pair of shoes that fit well (Mirage 2 size 7.5), Shoefitr says I'd be in between 7 and 7.5 for BA2. I'm almost certain the 7.5 will fit best, but luckily the nearest Merrell Store is going to order both sizes for me to try.
  • Just a thought:

    When I first got my BA2's, I didn't like the forefoot fit (the ball of my big toe was further back than I wanted), so I went to a local Merrell store to check the size 11's.  They actually fit much worse.

    If you wore a 7.5 in the Mirage 2, you'll want to stick with it for the BA2.
  • I just tried the mix master move glide (women's) today. They seem very firm, more similar to the altra instinct 1.5. Which I didn't care for. I love the bare access arc1 but wanted a little more cushion. I'm also liking the Skechers gorun2 a lot. Going to try out the viratta and the drift next- I like the more flexible shoes but need some cushion. Any suggestions?
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    Try the new Bare Access Arc 2?  Maybe the Altra Torin might work better.
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