Skechers Go Bionic Ride?

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Hi Pete and all,

Pete, love the blog/site. Great information, and always a good read, so thanks for that. I'm in the market for a new pair of shoes, and making the transition to more natural shoes. I've been reading with interest your reviews of Skechers shoes, and went to check them out today. (Skechers, really? I know, but they were very good - I tried on the whole line, pretty much.) At the end, though, the salesperson trots out a pair that she thought I would like, since I liked the Bionic and the Go Run 2 - a shoe called the Go Bionic Ride. Really comfortable, basically a cushier version of the Bionic.

Any info on this shoe? I can't find it on the Skechers website, even. At the store, she said that they 'just came in last weekend.' They seemed great, but I'd like to hear some specs on them. Any ideas, anyone?


  • I wore them a few times and was not a big fan - sole felt weird. I'm not sure if they have changed it at all since I last tried it out. Most of my input has been on the regular Bionic and GoRun line.
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    I've been reading this thread title as the GoRun Ride for the last few days - need to check my reading comprehension. I've been wondering if there was anything similar to the GoBionic with a little more cushion. I wear them around for everyday use to work and such, but they were a little thin for my tastes for running, although I will probably give them another try. I will have to seek out the GoBionic Ride. Any idea how much the stack height is increased over the regular GoBionic? And is that the only change?
  • The sole is quite a bit different, don't have it with me at the moment and only ran in it once though. Passed my thoughts on to the team at Skechers and not sure where it went from there. I had issues with the sole.
  • anyone have a link to these shoes, cant find them anywhere

  • I broke down and bought a pair today. Haven't run in them yet, but they feel awesome in my living room. I haven't seen them anywhere online, but I got a pair at a Skechers store. They had about 5 colors - black, a kind of swirly gray, the blue that the Go Bionic comes in, a red, and an orange. I'll post again after a run, but it might be a few days - it's below zero here in Minnesota and snowing, which is pretty much the only combo that keeps me indoors.
  • Jake,

    Just wondering if you have put any miles in the GoBionic Rides and if you did, what are your thoughts?  This shoe piques my interest and I can't find much information on it regarding the differences between it and the standard GoBionic.


  • The guy in the Skechers store said the GoBionic Ride have a 4mm drop vs 0mm for the regular GoBionic. I think I've also seen this online. He also said it had about 25% more cushion, but I haven't seen that anywhere and was unable to really tell that from walking around in the store. Obviously more heel though. Seemed to have the same fit as the GoBionic. I felt it was basically the same with 4mm more heel.
  • I agree.  They are 4mm drop, and really quite comfortable.  As it turns out, though, I returned them.  I had them at home for a week or so, walking around to check them out.  I had a size twelve, which I decided was a bit short in the toes (length-wise).  The 13s were too long and too wide for me.  Since Skechers doesn't make a 12.5, I ended up going with a size 12 in the Go Run 2s, which I'm really liking, about 95 miles in.  The Go Bionic Rides are less shoe than the GR2s, and if they had a size 12.5, I would get a pair without thinking twice.
  • Thanks. Thought they were zero drop like the gobionics. I'll just stick with the GoRun 2's, I like them just fine.
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