New training shoes for track season?

HI, I'm a high school senior who competes at the varsity level of the 400m, 800m, and pretty much any sprint. I train with the distance runners who average 3 to 6 miles a day, as it is much more beneficial to my training than jogging a couple laps with the sprinters. I love lightweight low drop shoes that let me go fast, but with all of the distance running, racing flats don't always keep me feeling healthy. I have loved two generations of the Kinvara, along with various Nike waffle racers and other lightweight racing shoes from Saucony. I would like to try out a shoe along the lines of a Merrell Bare Access, or NB Minimus, but ANY input is welcome! Thanks, Zack.


  • If you like the Kinvara, you might try the Virrata which is a zero drop version that is coming soon, or maybe the A5 which is a Saucony racing flat.
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