Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra

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This is the follow up shoe to the to the S-Lab Sense.  I have the original and it has been a fantastic shoe.  Pricey and not quite as durable as I would have liked.  Well the new version is 20 bucks cheaper and suppose to be more durable. Weight has went up a tad but I don't think this should do too much in the way of slowing me down (I am already slow enough on the trails).  The original weight 7.5 oz in a 11.5 and around 7 oz in a size 9 (but I saw it weigh it at below 7).  This new one weighs in at 7.5 in a size 9 so probably around 8-8.5 oz in a 11.5 not too bad.  They are suppose to retain their slipper like feel (one of the few shoes I can wear without socks) and 4 mm heel-to-toe drop. I will let you folks know what I think of it.  The new black and red color scheme is cool. has them in stock along with the new Salomon Mantra as well.


  • I have yet to try a Salomon shoe, and the price scared me off the original Sense. This one may be worth a try.
  • Really excited about the Sense Mantra as it has a 6mm drop and seems like the ultimate long mileage trail shoe for me.
  • Sense Ultra Update--Initial thoughts:  Every have one of those days that everything goes well.  Well that occurred today.  Two new shoes showed up on my doorstep the new Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra and the Brooks Pure Drift (another post on this one).  Of course I had to take both on a test run (even though I did a 9 mile run that morning).  I am in a unique position to test this shoe since I
    have a fairly new pair of the first edition Sense (about 70 miles on
    them).  This allows me to draw some conclusions on both shoes.  My first thoughts on this shoe is that it is a whole lot better than the original.  The toe box is a bit wider than the original (one of my chief problems with the first edition).  I was a little bit worried about the fact this mid-sole was to be more durable (i.e. harder).  I was very surprised that the road feel and cushion on the shoe was much better than the original.    The new Sense Ultra has a better feel and if one can believe better fit (and I thought the original had a great fit).  There is more traction on this model as Salomon has covered the blank spaces with material to enhance the traction.  The rock plate has been extended (I always hit rocks where the rock plate ended with the original).  The tongue on the ultra is thinner than the original and better feeling in my opinion.  Weight wise the original Sense weighed in at 7.4 oz in a size 11.5 the Ultra weighs 7.9 oz in a size 11.5.  One does not even notice this when running and I can still fly down the road and trail with this light weight shoe.  I am very pleased with this new version more durable, better fitting, better road feel, and 20 bucks cheaper...oh and the black and red color rocks.  What more can you ask.
  • Another update  on the Sense Ultra--I finally got a chance to do some long (at least for me) trail runs (eight and ten mile) on the same trail used with the original Sense shoe.  The Ultra had better grip and traction than the original and also protected my foot from rocks (on the original it seemed rocks always poked my foot where the rock plate ended).  Also the trail was a bit muddy due to the rain we have had in Northern CA.  The shoe had great traction on these parts.  I was impressed with the performance.
  • Thanks for the updates!
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