Pure Flow 2 review

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I was a real fan of the first edition of the Brooks Pure Flows but a couple of things did bug me.  One was the tongue of the shoe kept sliding to the side and while the fit was good it wasn't great.  This has been corrected with the new Pure Flow 2.  On the upper, a fold-over tongue design and asymmetrical lacing deliver a fantastic fit. This makes the feel of the shoe to me is better than the first edition.  I have put 70 miles on the shoe since I got them on 5 Dec and like them so much I ordered another pair for Christmas and have the silver and black pair on pre-order (really like that color).  The ride feels better than the first one and the toebox feels wider than the previous Pure Flow.  Also the shoe is about a half an oz lighter it feels that way to me as well.  All in all a great shoe and should be a great trainer that one can be good for fast runs as well as regular training runs.  I highly recommend it.


  • They really do look pretty cool!
  • Good to hear it. I'm liking the Cadence 2 much more than I anticipated as well. Really looking forward to the Drift!
  • Received a pair of Pure Drifts early and can genuinely say they are a great shoe. Awesome ground feel. This is the shoe I was hoping the Pure Connect would of been originally.
  • How'd you swing that? Jealous! I pre-ordered a pair, hoping they come out before the scheduled date.
  • I won honorable mention for their Run Happy Moments contest and they shipped me a pair. Hopefully you can check them out soon!

  • I pre-ordered a pair of PureDrift's from my LRS and I'm hoping they arrive earlier than the scheduled date too. The owner said he has a great relationship with Brooks and they may arrive earlier. I made him promise me I'd be the first one to get them from his store (they know me well, I've spent thousands there over the past few years) LOL. I am stoked for this shoe!
  • One thing I noticed from the Drifts was that they do seem to have more cushioning on the outside edge of the foot (like MT110) however not nearly as pronounced. I only notice it on my right foot which pronates much more than my left. When running I do not notice it. Just when walking around.
  • Greyhound,

    Any more info on these?
  • Today I put on my 100th mile in the Pure Flow 2s.  I like them today as much as when I did my first run in them on 5 Dec.  There does not appear any appreciable wear on the outsole, however, glad that Santa has another pair under the tree.  This shoe is so much better than the first Pure Flow.  I think Brooks really hit the mark on this one.  Yes I have a pair of Pure Drifts on pre-order and can't wait to try them out in early January.
  • I have now run in my pureflow 2s 3 times, a 5 mile tempo, an 8 mile long, and a speed workout. I am liking them more each time I wear them. I switched the insole out, and am using the insole from Gorun ride.
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