Running shoes for charity

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I have about seven pairs of running shoes I need to give away.  Some of them are near new others have a few miles on them but still probably have hundreds of miles left. These are shoes that didn't work out.  Yes my name is George and I am a shoe junkie.  Anyway I have heard about some places one can send shoes to benefit people who need them.  I thought Pete Larson had mention one in one of his blogs and of course I can't find it.  Anyway if anyone has anything that would help it would be appreciated.


  • lol...What size do you wear?
  • George,

    I just sent 14 pairs to Soles4Souls:

    They have dropoff boxes in some areas, I had to ship mine but they arrange a discounted charity rate so it only cost me about $15 to send off the package. Well worth it to be sure they make it to people who could use them.
  • Pete,
    Thanks in fact there is a drop off location very close to where I live.  Looks like a great cause.  Seven pairs on their way.

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