Where is Everyone?

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Seems no one replies or has many questions.  What gives?  I was hoping to have a place to communicate with folks on!


  • Takes a long time for a community to build on a forum. I haven't even formally announced the existence of this forum yet in a blog post, though I do have it linked on the header and at the end of posts. Plan was to let it marinate for awhile. Once things start getting picked up in Google a bit more my hope is that it will grow.
  • I dig.  I've been a founding member of a couple forums before.  The secret they had was that they were spin-offs of other forums, so there was already a user base looking for somewhere else to go.  This is really the first running based forum I've ever participated in.

    I'm just glad to be here :)
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • I've participated in the Barefoot Ted google group for long time, small but active group. I enjoy forums where people have civil and informative discussions, but some can get out of hand a bit.
  • Pete,
    Just wanted to say great forum! Love the format. And I also enjoy forums where people have civil and informative discussions. Seems like you hit the nail on the head on this one!
  • i think the difference between other forums is that in running aside for clothing and shoes thats it! where as for example in photography forums your have ppl who will strictly discuss why their camera brand is far superior or how much better it is be have and expensive camera. Whereas whenever I go for a run I make an extra to wave to fellow runners as they run by... theres no ego everyone has their own milestones to achieve and it has nothing to do with the brands they wear. 

  • Geetastic - true in general, but running forums can get heated too, just look at Let's Run :)
  • point taken... also maybe i dont go join any other forums.

    Lets run has threads not related to running.
  • So Pete, is your plan to use this forum here, or the group you started on Google+? I really dig the format of either, but I think its best to go with one. The primary reasons for me would be that I really enjoy the civility of this forum, compared to other more "popular" one I have found, BUT its not a wise use of time to follow two different forums, where assumedly, the same people are congregated.
  • PLEEEEEEEEEASE don't use G+!  I like coming here.  The Facebook group is cool and all, but I prefer actual forums, as a lot of the groups on Facebook become an annoying mix of over-notification, bad discussion formatting, and a general feeling of mixing business and pleasure that I really just don't like, lol.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • This Forum is here to stay, no worries there! The only reason I set up the Google+ group is that as a blogger it helps to have a presence on multiple platforms since segments of you audience prefer different platforms. I have readers who refuse to use Facebook for example, but love Google+. I personally enjoy forums,which is why I created this one, and of the various outlets I manage this is the only one I can claim ownership of, so that's a big advantage. Always better to focus your effort on your own turf!
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