Saucony Grid Type A5

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Just posted a review of the Saucony Grid Type A5:

Probably my favorite racing flat right now, adidas Hagio and Mizuno Universe close runner-ups.


  • Have you tried these in any wet conditions? Just wondering if they'd be OK in the winter.  Thanks!
  • No real wet runs yet. The nubby forefoot is grippy, but not like a trail shoe. Guess I'll know how they handle snow soon enough!
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  • How would you compare the A5 to the Kinvara 3? aside for weight difference.
  • A5 is firmer and rides a lot closer to the ground, but the fit is pretty similar.
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  • I am currently running my shorter runs up to 10km in the A5's and longer runs in the Kinvara 3 for half marathon training.The A5's have room for toe splay as a forefoot runner in my size W 7B where as I am finding the Kinvara 3 W 7B narrower. Next time, I will order a 7D.

    The A5 is firmer, lighter and more flexible, but I have noticed that I am getting callouses or seed corns on the metatarsal pads of my feet which is a bit painful so I have removed them. I find both shoes easy to keep a high cadence rate in.

  • I'm a forefoot runner and have run in Kinvaras since they came out. I run 6 miles a day,every day, in roads, but I don't race. Would it be wise to transition to the Type 5 A? I'm somewhat concerned because of the low sole.
  • If the Kinvaras are working well, no real reason to transition beyond curiosity. Stick with what works!
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  • Thanks for your reply. It sure makes sense, but your review whetted my curiosity. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but on the other hand, where would we all be without curiosity? Probably still running in 15 oz shoes...
    Question is- do you think the thinner soles might be a problem?
  • If you go gradually, not as much risk as in a shoe like the Vibrams with minimal cushion. A5's have plenty of protection for me, and they aren't extremely pricy so not as much risk in trying them from a cost standpoint. Curiosity has resulted in me having an enormous shoe collection, but I justify it since it helps me run my blog!
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  • Thank you. I'll try them in preparation for the Virratas.
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