Tired legs, knee pain... in search of a cause...



  • I think Runblogger is correct on getting professional help.  I had to for my IT bands as I couldn't get enough pressure on the roller to fix my issues.  Now I'm almost back to a smooth IT band with no knee or glute pain. 
  • All, it's been a long time since I posted.

    I finally realized what was happening: I had been pushed myself a little too hard. As my fatigue grew, my form got sloppy and I began planting my feet differently - striking more mid-foot and heel. I backed off and gave myself more time to build up distance without losing form. It worked. In December I ran 10 miles for the first time in my life.

    Now, since then I've got a new job and have been traveling a lot, which has led to a serious decrease in fitness. I'm getting back on the horse though, as the saying goes. Slowly but steadily.

    Thanks again for your help and comments and interest.

    Pete, I'm thrilled for you. Best of luck now that you've really cut the cord.
  • Hi. Your tale is an instructive one. So often we see people say that their new minimal shoes "feel great" and then proceed to do the same mileage and intensity as they did in their more built up shoes, but before their body has become used to running in "less shoe".

    No matter how many times people warn others to take the transition slowly and carefully, it seems nobody (including me) will believe it until they suffer the overuse injury as a consequence.

    Hopefully your story will help remind people who take the time to read it.
  • Thanks @jddphd! I'm feeling the overly rapid buildup to marathon distance myself right now, legs have no pop lately. Hoping the taper helps refresh me...
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