If not pronation, how will the runners choose their shoes?

As Pete shares in his posts and book "pronation and arch height" is not the right way to choose the right shoe, what will "it" be... Do we have something to use instead? 


  • I would say the way a shoes fits is a very important issue: it is not the same having a wide foot than a narrow one; your foot can be wider in the midfoot and not that much in the toes...and so on.

    I think fitting is a very important question; for me it has been the main reason for choice so far.

    Heel to toe offset maybe another factor to take into acount, since it influences the way you contact the ground. There has to be a particular offset you like the most after trying some of them.

    Flexibility is something to consider as well: you must determine wether you prefer flexible shoes or rather stiff ones.

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    Personally, when I get asked for shoe recs, which happen a lot, I typically ask about the following:

    Fit: wide, narrow, anything unusual
    Weight: what range is tolerable
    Cushioning: Firm or soft
    Cushioning amount (essentially stack height): minimal, moderate, or lots
    Heel-Forefoot Drop: preferred range
    Flexibility: stiff or flexible
    Intended Use: road, trail, hybrid, speed/racing, long distance
    Durability: how quickly do you tend to wear the outsole down, and where is wear located

    Pronation control and arch type are not things that I ask about, but if someone specifically wants a particular category, I don't have a problem working within that.
  • Well, being a girl I do like the fact that I now have more freedom for the colour choice on my running shoe. When I to buy running shoes earlier I always prayed that they wouldn't find me a pair of ugly multi coloured for what was one to do but buy whatever the clerk told me was right for my pronation ;-o

    Beside that, fitting and cushioning is my main focus.
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