Nagging Knee Pain

I've been seriously running since February. I'm up to about 10 miles at about a 7:30 minute pace, 3 days a week. Recently I've been developing some knee pain on the inner portion of both knees, but mostly the right kneww. It does not seem to be consistant with "runner's knee", so I am reaching out to see if anyone can give any advice. I'm still able to run with little to no pain, however, during stretching and resting period, they seem to be Nagging most of the time. Thanks!


  • Inner portion right next to the kneecap, or where the thigh meets the shin by the medial collateral ligament?
  • Inner portion right next to the knee cap....
  • I'm no clinician, but when I hear kneecap I immediately think patellofemoral pain syndrome or runners knee. Might be worth seeing someone who can take a look at your gait and check hip muscle strength.
  • Then how do you explain the lack of pain while I'm's only after I have finished and been resting....never any pain while I'm running


  • I've had tbat before, and it was the ligiments on the sides of my knee stretching as they should, but then not rebounding after the run. I was told to ice it like no other, and do strength exercises 3 times a day. Example:Sit on the floor woth your feet out in front, put the ankle with the hurt knee on a ball and push the ball with your ankle, then bring it back in close, and do ot at different angles. Another one is to get a foam roller or a towel and place it under the knee while sitting down and legs out front. Push down with the knee and count to 5. Relax the knee for another 5 seconds and repeat two more times.

  • Lack of pain when running typically is due to tendon issues. A classic tendonitis will hurt in the AM upon first arising as the tendon is cool and tight and not warmed up. As you move around the tendon will loosen and warm up and feel better. This is also true on a run. Pain can be present the first mile then subside only to return later in the run depending on how long you are going.

    Stretching is now more crucial when you have an injury. Try holding your stretches for up to 3 minutes and the new literature is recommending longer being better. Also ballistic stretching is becoming for popular again. Watch a little kid skip and bounce around. They like this because it stretches the fasica and loosens the deep tissues up.

    Most runnng injuries are due to overuse and too much speed workouts. for example running an interval faster then your body has adapted to. Running as hard as you can sometimes is not good!!
    Good luck

    Dr. Nick
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