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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • I do something similar with my running shorts: take them in the shower or soak them in the sink while I take one, then hang to dry.  They still smell, but not NEARLY as much.
  • edited September 2013
    Finally got to try these after coming into a pair inadvertently, and based on a couple of short runs in them, my impressions are very positive and the fears that I had proved to be premature and unfounded.

    The upper is lightweight and very flexible and the midsole does have a noticeable amount of bounce to them (more sore than the original MR10 and the MR00.The MR10v2 are much more comfortable than either of those models as well - with better traction on wet surfaces too.

    Probably the only thing I don't like amount them is that they are not as stealthy as the almost completely silent MR10,
  • @tangovoxtrot, not that it really matters to me whether you like the MR10v2's or not, but I am rather happy that they put your negative expectations to shame :)

    I have run some 550 k's (340 miles) in my pair, and I am very pleased to report that they are my favorite shoes right now, especially since the MT10v2's proved to be a rather disappointing upgrade to an already great shoe.

    Despite other runner's experiences with poor durability my pair doesn't even start to show any degrading of the upper; the outsole is getting a bit rugged of course - particularly the exposed EVA parts - but that is to be expected and is not a problem for me yet. In contrast, the MT10v2's upper is already quite beaten up, after only 300 k's of not very hard terrain (the inside more than the outside, causing quite a bit of chafing).

    I now hope that NB manages to upgrade the MR00's without messing them up, though my expectations are not that high after hearing what they did to the MT110v2's...
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