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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • No worries Dan, sort of glad that you were mistaken! The NL-1 last could certainly be a wee bit wider around the outside, but then there are those who find it too wide already, so I suppose NB takes the Middle Road here. Just wish that the E widths made their way to Europe soon...

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    New video reviews of shoes appearing in the RW Spring Shoe Guide (including the best available look at the MR10v2 and lots of other new models in the low-drop category) can be found here:
  • The challenge these manufacturers face is to makea shoe that fits the most feet possible. There are always going to be people on either end of the bell curve for whom a given shoe just does not work out.
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  • You are right of course, Pete, still I feel that NB has to make up their minds regarding the Minimus line; if they want it to be a serious contender for all of us "minimalists", then they should take it all the way, as Altra seems to do (without having ever tried an Altra model, they are obviously very roomy). One could of course argue that NB makes good use of E widths instead, but only for a select few models, and - sorry to repeat myself - only for selected markets.

    I would rather see that all of the Minimus models shared the same last, and that the forefoot was roomier than current D width models. That would probably satisfy more runners looking for that kind of shoe, the rest would simply have to choose from the myriad of other brands and models out there.

    Still I like my MT10's and MT110's and will continue to favour the series until I find something that works better for my kind of running.
  • Hi - Slightly different topic about the same shoe. How does Running Warehouse get heel/forefoot measurements? They list this shoe at 18 mm for the heel (which is described as low profile, good ground feel). The Saucony Virrata is listed as 17 mm for the heel. It's pretty obvious that the MR is a MUCH lower profile. What gives? 

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    That is a good question. In the Runner's World Spring Shoe Guide, the measurements seem more accurate. The heel height:forefoot height ratios for the MR10v2 and Virrata are 16.2mm/11.3mm and 24.6mm/20.6mm respectively. Those figures look more realistic. I prefer the firmness of a shoe like the MR10 and I think a shoe with as much forefoot cushioning as the Virrata is going to be way too cushy for me, but I'll still give it a try.

    While it makes a lot of sense that New Balance would try to appeal to as many consumers as possible with their offerings, I still wonder how much the distinctive shape of the Minimus models are tailored to Anton Krupicka's feet. The roomy, pointy toe area is great for Morton's toe but the outer toe area could be roomier.

  • I just hope this shoe isn't as dead feeling as the MR00...
  • To be fair to NB, they presumably have a lot of other runners testing their shoes besides AK. I actually don't think that he runs in much else than the MT110's, and even that model is not based entirely upon his specific preferences. But looking at Krupicka's feet in the iconic Minimus Trail commercial it is certainly easy to come to that conclusion! Anyho, I don't wish my feet looked like AK's, two distorted nails are quite enough ;)

    Hmm, 16.2 - 11.3 = 4.9 mm drop.
  • That and one of his big toes looks so short as to look like it was lopped off somehow, lol.  Almost makes you wonder how he even runs in the first place.
  • Look like gussied up 730s
  • Always tough to know how drop is measured by manufacturers or stores, sometimes they don't include the insole, sometimes it's just the midsole. I measure everything between the foot and ground.
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  • Has anyone purchased these yet?  I see that they're available @ runningwarehouse.
  • Just got back from town were I managed to find a store that had the shoe, which gave me an opportunity to finally try it on! It is like I expected, and actually a tiny bit roomier in the toe box than my 110's in the same size (I had them on so I could make an exact comparison). That could be down to the softer upper, but even the sole felt a little wider. Perhaps I just imagined it; it is the same last after all...  
    I didn't really run in them except a bit inside the store (more of a warehouse really), so I can't comment a lot on the feel or how well the cushioning works. Initially they felt a lot like my MT10's though, so I do not expect a very soft ride. They may of course feel a lot different out on the road, I won't know until I get a pair later this month or so. Still some snow here that I would like to get rid of first, so for now I will stick to my trail shoes.

    Will be interesting to hear what others have to say though.
  • Just ordered a pair from Holabird (have prior coupons plus you get a $15 coupon with purchase, which will go toward another pair of A5s or Kinvaras), though one of the local NB stores here apparently are already selling them. Looks like they've officially moved up the release date? Will post my thoughts next week, though I doubt I'll put a ton of miles on them between now and the Atlanta Half.
  • So I just got a pair yesterday and will say this.
    - Feels like a slightly more built up MR00.
    - One of the most comfortable sockless shoes I have worn
    - Upper is extremely soft and almost "pillowy" in some areas.
    - Much more midfoot and forefoot width than most minimus shoes.

    I absolutely love this shoe.
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