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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • Bryan, interesting theory, although I hadn't noticed myself. But then I am a rather irregular runner and never know when during the year I might want to replace my shoes. They also have a somewhat annoying habit of breaking down prematurely, which is why I keep an extra pair of MT10's in my closet ;)
    My limited experience is that new models appear late winter/early spring to comfort those runners that, like myself, come out of hibernation around that time and feel the yearning to once again run free in the forests. Though before the newest models appear here in Scandinavia it is often already mid summer, hence my ramblings about waiting above.

    Dan, both of the 10v2 models are sporting a 4mm drop, as with the older models, whereas the 00's are zero drop (logically). Found that site too, but I am not going to order from Australia as that would make for some seriously expensive shoes :)
  • Sorry, I wasn't very clear about my stack height question: I knew they were 4mm drop, but didn't know how thick the sole was. I did some searching and NB says the heel on the MR10 is 17mm and the forefoot is 13mm. 
  • No Dan, you were quite clear about the stack height, my tired brain just decided to read something different from what you had been writing. Sorry, my bad!  Yes, that is an interesting number, making them slightly lower than the first version at 19/14 (5mm drop?). I hope the sole will remain rather firm, but still offer some cushioning for those longer or faster runs.
  • Ha, that's alright. Those are the numbers for the first version. Running Warehouse says in a blog that the drop and stack height should remain similar for the new ones. I'm also hoping they'll be good for longer runs.
  • Oh dear, more confusion then ;)  I actually found conflicting measures of the stack height of the old version when I googled, but it is of little importance now. Hope you like them when they become available!

  • Good find - had only seen what's on the Running Warehouse site so far. Looks like a decent shoe, though I agree that the sole doesn't look too much thicker than the MR00.
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  • I seem to recall that you weren't too happy about the sole of the MR00? It lacked "pop" I think you said somewhere. I suppose there is a risk that NB is using the same kind of sole - middle and out - for the MR10, but they may as well make it completely different, seeing as they already have the very minimal MR00 for those that like it. I only hope that the MR10v2 is a little more cushioned than the MT10, which I have run a road marathon in but felt a bit battered by afterwards :)
  • MR00 wasn't bad, but just didn't feel terribly responsive. This one is constructed differently, so hope it's better.
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  • I today discovered - much to my surprise - that British store have added both the MR10v2 and the MT10v2 to its catalog, and it looks like they are available now, though that may of course not be the case. It nevertheless raises hope that they will get an early release in Europe!
    The MR10v2 so far only comes in a red color that wouldn't really suit me, but the MT10v2 comes in black as well as the original orange/black colorway that I always loved but could never find in the MT10. Not awfully expensive either. Still I will wait for spring before ordering a pair. No signs of them in the US yet?
  • No, I think they arrive some time in March in the US
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  • This is the 2013 model that I'm most looking forward to trying. I am a big fan of the original MR10 and I hope this version sells better for New Balance than its underappreciated and misunderstood predcessor.
  • You would be the first person I've heard that actually liked the MR10!
  • edited January 2013
    "Liked" is understating it. I loved the original MR10. If I could just run in one shoe for the rest of my life that would be it. It's a touch on the heavy side and the heel collar is a little stiff but those are the only drawbacks that I can think of. I think it's a great-looking shoe in retro-traditional sort of way.

    I think the problem was that it debuted at the height of the barefoot/FiveFinger mania and was deemed to be not nearly minimal enough for the the purist minimalists and too minimal for the average runner married to more traditional models.The Minimus name probably hurt more than it helped.

    It came in cool colorways too (black-red, blue-yellow, black-silver). By comparison, the colorways that I've seen for the MR10v2 are hideous. Still looking forward to trying them though!
  • I did like the look of the MR10 as well - my issue was that the soles were too firm for my taste. Same shoe with a bit more cush and flex to the sole would have been great! You aren't the only one that loves them - my mom wears them too :)
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  • Thanks, Pete. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my appreciation for these shoes.

    I came to the MR10s after running for about a year in FiveFingers and other zero drop shoes and I was ready for a little "more shoe". The cushioning is definitely on the firm side while the sole is still moderately flexible so I found it to be a good compromise between getting enough ground feel and getting "too much" ground feel for comfort. In the meantime, I've tried on the Kinvara and the Free Run, but I just can't seem to run comfortably in them because I find them too cushioned and "heavy".

    I hope the new Vibram soles on the MR10v2 do not end up with the same lack of "bounce" that the MR00 seem to have. That would be shame. I like the MR00 up to the 10-K distance, but I prefer the cushioning of the MR10 for longer distances.
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