On Blogging and Podcasting – Send Me Questions!


Yesterday I participated in a discussion forum during the final meeting of a class series on social media at the Nacky Loeb School of Communications in Manchester, NH (thanks to @TeresaKRobinson for inviting me! – check out her running blog). After leaving, I thought about how much I would have benefited from having taken such […]

ColorSchemer ColorPix: An Easy Way to Identify Color Hex Codes

One of the issues I have run into frequently while working on my blogs and/or the webpages that I maintain is the ability to easily identify Hex codes for colors that I like. The color Hex code (or Hexadecimal code) is a six digit/letter combination used to identify specific colors in HTML or on CSS […]

LinkWithin Widget: Add Related Post Links to Your Blog Posts in Blogger


I’ve been tinkering with my blog design quite a bit lately (hopefully for the better!), and just came across another really useful widget that allows you to add links to related posts from your blog to the bottom of each of your blog posts. The links are generated automatically, and if there’s an image in […]

MyFreeCopyright: Protect Your Blog Content


I’ve been reading some blogging tips on the Playgroups are No Place for Children blog (very helpful!) and noticed a badge on the site for a service called myfreecopyright. I’ve been thinking about copyright issues relating to this blog a lot since I’ve already found a few sites through Google Alerts that have strange mashups […]

Firefox 3.5: Shadow Effects


Image via Wikipedia With the official arrival of Firefox 3.5 yesterday (I’ve been using the beta for awhile), one of the features I’m most excited about is the ability to add shadow effects to webpage elements using CSS. If you’ve installed FF 3.5, you can see the “box-shadow” effect in action on the header, top […]

Blogger Tip: Drop Down Menu and Corner Peel Animation


I’m a firm believer in giving credit where it’s due. As I have worked on developing this blog, I’ve found number of immensely helpful fellow bloggers who have posted tutorials on how to customize your blogger blog. I had no idea when I first started out that blogger blogs could be customized to such an […]

Why Runblogger?: Reasons for the New Blog Title and URL

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with a number of issues related to my newfound passion for blogging. When I first started out earlier this year, I set up one blog with no real idea of where it would take me or what the blog would ultimately focus on. As my blogging interests began to […]

Blog Tip: Using Who’s Amung Us to Track Blog Visitors and their Locations


When I first started this blog, one of the initial things I wanted to know was if anyone was actually reading what I posted here. There are a number of ways one can track blog visitors at no cost, ranging from simple hit counters to more sophisticated services like Google Analytics. However, while surfing the […]

Want Twitter Results When You Search Google? – Try Out This Greasemonkey Add-On


I’ve become quite the Twitter addict in the past few weeks, and have enjoyed reading posts by people with similar interests. My initial privacy-related fears about using Twitter turned out to be unfounded, and it has been a great way to find interesting news stories, videos, and websites. Last night a tweet came across my […]

The Origin of Oblinkin: How Charles Darwin Helped Me Become a Blogger


This is the first installment of what I hope will become a running series of posts on becoming a blogger. I have a long history with the world-wide-web. From the early 90’s and Prodigy (you get a gold star if you remember Prodigy), to the mainstream appearance of e-mail and the internet when I was […]