adidas Adios Boost 2 Review: Same Great Ride, Different Fit

adidas Adios Boost 2

The Adios is adidas’ distance racing flat. It’s a shoe that can be found on the feet of many of the top elite adidas sponsored marathoners, and last year they released a version with a midsole composed of their recently introduced Boost material. I’d heard a lot of positive praise for the shoe from friends, […]

adidas Adios Boost Review – Great Shoe, If a Bit Pricey

adidas Adios Boost Heel

For quite a long time I’ve avoided most any shoe over 8mm drop from heel to forefoot. However, a few months ago I bought a pair of New Balance 1400v2’s after hearing positive things about them from friends (damn you John Schrup!). I never tried the 1400v1 because the drop was above my preferred range […]

adidas Boost: Some Actual Running Economy Data

Several months ago when adidas first started to market their new BOOST midsole material they made a big deal of touting the fact that the sole, which is composed of fused polyurethane beads, provides greater energy return than traditional EVA. The implication was that this energy return would provide a performance benefit to a runner […]

adidas Officially Announces Their Energy Boost Shoes

adidas Energy Boost Collage via A few weeks ago I wrote a post about adidas’ new midsole technology that is being referred to as Boost. They formally introduced the Boost sole material in NYC today, and video of the event was streamed live. I just finished watching the video and a few things struck […]

adidas Energy Boost: Will The New adidas Midsole Compound Revolutionize Running?

(Note – this post was edited from its original form at the request of adidas) I’ve been hearing a lot of hushed rumors lately that adidas is up to something. Apparently they have a new cushioning material that they are calling BOOST that is composed of thermoplastic beads that are fused together to form the […]

adidas adipure Gazelle Review: Very Impressive “Natural Running” Shoe

A few weeks ago I wrote a post introducing adidas’ “natural running” adipure line of shoes, and included some thoughts on the adipure Adapt, which looks and feels pretty much like a water sock. I liked the feel of the Adapt, but from an aesthetic standpoint it was severely lacking. However, I had high hopes […]

adidas adiPure Adapt: The Ugly Duckling of adidas’ Natural Running Line

Shoe giant adidas is about to release three new shoes in what it is referring to as its “natural running collection.” The shoes are the Adapt, Gazelle, and Motion, and the three shoes allow for a step-down approach to running in less shoe. According to Running Warehouse, the Motion is a 7.5oz, 8mm drop shoe […]

adidas Adizero Adios 2 Running Shoe Review

“Kenyan runners race in low-support shoes, but they mostly train in big, chunky, cushioned sneakers, just like your average, plodding Western jogger. Oddly, though, and contrary to Lee’s (Saxby) theories, these big shoes don’t force the Kenyans to run heel first. They virtually all run in a lovely, smooth forefoot-first style – what Lee would […]

adidas adizero Hagio Running Shoe Review: A Roomy Road Flat Built for Speed

Over the past 2+ years I’ve probably run in 50 or more different shoes, but until recently none of them were made by Adidas. I was recently asked if there was a particular reason why I was avoiding the brand, and the honest answer was that there was no reason, I’d just never had the […]

Adidas Adipure Trainer Barefoot-Style Running Shoe: Yet Another Fivefingers Clone?

Looks like Adidas wants a piece of the Fivefingered shoe pie. Nick Pang over at and Bill Katovsky at Zero Drop just sent me a photo of their newest minimalist shoe, the Adidas Adipure Trainer. Looks like the fact that Vibram, make of the Vibram Fivefingers, is suing Fila (who released a four-fingered shoe […]