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Science of Marathon Running: Great Video From It’s OK To Be Smart

I really enjoyed this video on marathon running by Joe Hanson of PBS Digital’s It’s OK To Be Smart. Have a look:

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  1. Chad Smith says:

    that looks like Austin in the background at 3:18. Zilker Park, specifically.

  2. Francois says:

    This is really good! We should show this to every person who asks you why you run, but your knees this and that, where is the fun and running is not good anyway.
    Very we’ll put together, quick and sharp

  3. Rodger Kram says:

    at 2:54 he states we hit the ground with EIGHT times our body weight (1400 pounds), they even made a graphic.

    simply not true.

  4. Rodger Kram says:

    at 3:22 stored “kinetic energy”?

    should say stored elastic energy.

    4:22, we cycle through 75kg of ATP?
    I’d like to see how that was calculated.
    Seems like a meaningless number since the mass of ATP = ADP + P.

    a simple call to a local university might find an expert to fact check such things.

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