New Balance MO80 and WO80 Trail Shoe Preview on Running Warehouse Blog

I’m a big fan of the New Balance MT10 and New Balance MT00 trail shoes (I’m also currently testing out the NB MT20v2, and like it a lot), but have found that they lack protection necessary for running on some of the chunky gravel trails near my house. The MT110 was a potential solution, but the medially slanted sole made that shoe a no-go for me. Thus, I’m happy to see that New Balance will be releasing a more protective Minimus trail shoe – the MO80 for men and the WO80 for women.

Running Warehouse just put up a blog post about the shoe, with some images and specs. The shoe is 4mm drop like the MT10, and has a full length sticky rubber Vibram outsole. RW reports that “the 80 is designed to offer a lot of protection for a Minimus shoe.” Launch date for the MO80/WO80 is January 2013.

Here are a few photos from the Running Warehouse post:

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  1. This shoe’s color pattern looks almost identical to my first pair of “minimalist shoes” the NB MT100, which was the precursor to the NB MT101.

  2. Nice more of this! Low drop doesn’t have to mean no cushion!

  3. How is this different than the MT1010? Just wore those for my first 50 miler, and I had no foot issues at all. Huge toe box, even looks baggy, but it feels great and looks tough.

  4. did you mean to say the MT110? “The MT101 was a potential solution, but the medially slanted sole made that shoe a no-go for me.”

  5. Looks interesting. One question: if “T” means trail and “R” means road, what does the “O” in MO denote?

  6. Any idea about the weight?

  7. How the heck do you keep all of these NB shoes straight? It seems like they are dumping shoes on the market like crazy and all have similar features and names.

    • The name codes are a bit of a blur, but the shoes are all quite different. I appreciate the diversity = choices, just wish they used a last that was shaped like MY foot ;)

  8. Michael Dixon says:

    Looks promising but will it have a rock plate like the MT101′s?

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