Liquidation Shoe Deals at Running Warehouse – June 2012

My advertising partner, Running Warehouse, has just put a bunch of popular shoes/flats shoes on liquidation at really good prices – of interest to readers of this blog might be. Men’s Shoes:  Asics Piranha Merrell Bare Access Merrell Road Glove Merrell Trail Glove Mizuno Wave Universe 4 Nike Zoom Streak XC3 Saucony Mirage 2   […]

Merrell Vapor Glove Minimalist Running Shoe Preview


The Running Warehouse blog just posted a preview of Spring 2013 shoes from Merrell. I saw a number of the shoes mentioned when I was visiting Merrell HQ last month, but one that I did not see is the Merrell Vapor Glove. Here’s what RW has to say about the Vapor Glove: “Available in both […]

Lord Spencer’s Shoes: The First “Specialized” Running Shoes Ever Made (from 1865)


In Chapter 4 of Tread Lightly, my co-author Bill Katovsky covers the history of human footwear use, and describes the evolution of the running shoe. An essential resource for the writing of this chapter is a 1980 book aptly titled “The Running Shoe Book.” Written by Peter Cavanagh, a scientist who has contributed more than […]

Tread Lightly: Website, Podcast Interviews and Initial Reviews


My book, Tread Lightly, has been out for a few weeks now and much of my time lately has been occupied with trying to do as much promotion work as possible. Bill and I decided to go with a small publishing house so that we would have as much control over content as possible – […]

Study Suggests that Barefoot Running Transition Injuries are Uncommon – What Do You Think?

While reviewing abstracts from the recent ACSM meeting I came across a study that looked at transition injuries among barefoot runners. The study tracked 109 runners and found a fairly low incidence of musculoskeletal injury among them as they transitioned to running barefoot. There are a number of issues relating to the results that are […]

R.I.P. Running Shoes: Brooks to Discontinue the Launch and Green Silence


We runners can sometimes develop special bonds with certain pairs of shoes. They might be a shoe we set a PR in, or the shoe we wore in our first Boston Marathon. These are shoes that we hang on to and keep in our closets because they retain special meaning, and the thought of dumping […]

Now That’s What I Call a Heel Strike!


The photo speaks for itself

How Leg Muscle Activity Changes as Running Step Rate is Increased


There has been a great deal of discussion and debate over the past few years about how various aspects of running form can potentially contribute to increased injury risk in runners. One aspect of form that is often singled out as a major no-no is overstriding. That is, runners should not lengthen their stride by […]

Saucony Virrata Preview: New Zero-Drop, Cushioned Running Shoe Coming Next Year


The Running Warehouse blog just released some photos and details regarding a new zero-drop shoe coming in February 2013 from Saucony. The Saucony Virrata joins the Saucony Hattori as the second zero-drop shoe in the Saucony stable, and this one looks more like a traditional training shoe. In fact, it looks quite a lot like […]

Peter Larson’s Running Publications and Other Media

Below is a list of my writings on running-related topics. If you are interested in interviewing me or having me write an article for your publication, send me an email with specifics. Books Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury Free Running Academic Articles Larson, Higgins, Kaminski, Decker, Preble, Lyons, McIntyre, Normile. 2011. […]