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Tread Lightly Now Available as a Kindle Ebook

Tread Lightly CoverOne of the most common questions I have gotten since my book came out is when it would be available in ebook format. I myself now read most books on an iPod touch (Kindle app), so I fully understand the desire for an ebook. I’m happy to announce that the Kindle version of Tread Lightly was released yesterday, and can be purchased from

In addition, the Kindle page for the book now includes a “Look Inside” sample which will allow you to read the preface and a portion of the introduction. The preface gives an overview of what the book is about, and the introduction consists of me and Bill telling our personal running stories and how we got interested in the topics of form and footwear. I like when a book reveals something about the author, and our goal with the intro was to let readers know a bit about who we are and why we decided to write the book.

You can view the Kindle page for Tread Lightly by clicking here.

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  1. Marcus Forman says:

    Now that my thesis is basically finished, I can get back to reading things on my personal interest list.  This is right on top :-)

  2. Gøran Slettemark says:

    Is it not available in Europe? It does not let me buy it.

  3. Amazon Kindle store states “not available”. Apparently it’s not available in Europe. Please submit it to Apple iBook Store too.

  4. Paul Joyce says:

    Hi Pete, just bought the Kindle version and I am looking forward to reading it. I am in Australia so it is available internationally. Cheers, Paul

  5. Surfing_vol says:


    I am reading it on my iPad using the Kindle app.  FYI, I had to de-link (*not* delete) the Kindle app in order to read the book.  I kept getting error messages when first trying to open the book.  Following the instructions on the error message, however, worked like a charm.


  6. Greg Strosaker says:

    Glad it came out in Kindle – consider it bought and a review will be forthcoming!

  7. tangovoxtrot says:


    Congratulations on your latest contribution to the discussion on running form, shoes, and minimizing the risk of injury. I picked up the Kindle version a couple of days ago and I’ve been dipping into each of the chapters and I’m seriously impressed by the breadth and depth of what’s covered. Lots of great points made well and an abundance of wisdom.

    If Born to Run is a entertaining book about running that could interest non-runners, Tread Lightly is a helpful and informative book about running that all runners should be interested in, whether they realize it or not. (I’d like to call it the “thinking runner’s book”, but I don’t want to jeopardize its popularity!)I envy all the new runners that get to come to this body of knowledge early in their running “careers”. I can’t decide whether this is the book I wish I had written or the one that I’ve been wanting to read. Tread Lightly deserves to be read by a huge audience and I hope it becomes a classic that will be discussed for many years. Thank you for all of your efforts!

  8. RARORAC says:

    What about an audiobook version? (Perfect for long runs)

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