New Balance Minimus Trail Zero (MT00) Review


While in general I’m highly supportive of the trend toward lighter and less supportive shoes, I believe that there are certain situations where it is desirable to have a bit of protection underfoot. I learned this lesson when I ran the HAT Run 50K in 2010 in the New Balance Minimus MT10. I was crossing […]

Should You Emulate the Running Form of Elites: Book Excerpt from Tread Lightly


I was originally planning to publish a few excerpts from my book, Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury-Free Running, prior to its June 1 release date. Well, the publisher moved faster than I expected, and the book is now in-stock at and should be on store shelves very soon (and yes, […]

The State of the Running Shoe Market: First Quarter 2012 Sales Analysis from Matt Powell of SportsOneSource, and March 2012 Data From Leisure Trends Group


Matt Powell of SportsOneSource sent out his quarterly update on running shoe sales last week (add him on LinkedIn if you’d like to receive his report, or follow him on Twitter). I asked Matt if I could share his data on running sales and he kindly obliged. His report indicates that the lightweight running category […]

Thoughts on “Form” from 1908: Bliss Carman on the Development of Graceful and Efficient Motion

Bliss Carman (Photo credit: Wikipedia) “Animal motion is good through being instinctive and free, and our own motion can only become graceful when those qualities are ensured for it.” -Bliss Carman, The Making of Personality, 1908 In my previous post I shared several passages about “barefoot shoes” from a 1908 book titled The Making of […]

1908 Book Discusses the Ideal “Barefoot Shoe”

“…no material comfort can equal the luxury of a well fitting, broad-toed, flexible, heelless shoe. Of course, the secret is that a good barefoot shoe enables us to walk naturally and to find in simple natural exercises not only health, but sanity and happiness as well. If I were a fairy and asked to bestow […]

Tread Lightly Book Excerpt Published on Natural Running Center Website


Quick post to alert you to an excerpt from my upcoming book Tread Lightly. My co-author, Bill Katovsky, just posted an excerpt he wrote on barefoot running in the early 1960’s on the Natural Running Center website. This excerpt comes from his two chapter sequence on the history of footwear and the rise of the […]

Moses Mosop–Slow Motion Running Form from the 2012 Rotterdam Marathon

Below is a video shot by Jacky Ledeboer, a phsyiotherapist from the Netherlands, showing the running form of elite Kenyan marathoner Moses Mosop at the 2012 Rotterdam Marathon. The video, posted on her YouTube channel, is shot at 210 frames per second. Mosop will be one of the three men representing Kenya in the marathon […]

Slow Motion Running Foot Strike Video from the CPC Loop Den Haag Half Marathon in the Netherlands

Jacky Ledeboer, a phsyiotherapist from the Netherlands, recently alerted me to a video she shot at the CPC Loop Den Hague half marathon in the Netherlands. The video, posted on her YouTube channel, is shot at 210 frames per second and provides a great sample of the variation in foot strike patterns seen among fast […]

Facts on Foot Strike: My Article in the June Issue of Running Times


I wanted to alert you to an excerpt from my book, Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury-Free Running, that was published in the June 2012 issue of Running Times magazine (starting on page 26, with a great photo of my friend Mark Cucuzzella!). The article looks at the differences between heel striking […]

Set Your Piggies Free: When It Comes to Kids and Shoes, I Couldn’t Agree More!

As a parent of three kids who love being barefoot, this song just makes me happy.