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Moses Mosop–Slow Motion Running Form from the 2012 Rotterdam Marathon

Below is a video shot by Jacky Ledeboer, a phsyiotherapist from the Netherlands, showing the running form of elite Kenyan marathoner Moses Mosop at the 2012 Rotterdam Marathon. The video, posted on her YouTube channel, is shot at 210 frames per second. Mosop will be one of the three men representing Kenya in the marathon at the Olympic Games in London this summer.

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  1. Ignoring the legs for a moment, look at his arms. For all we hear from the form guys about keeping the elbow at 90 degrees, he holds his arms remarkably high. This seems to be a common thing for many (not all, obviously, but many) African marathoners.

    • Pete Larson says:

      Arm carry is all over the place when you look at elites – I agree, not something I see general patterns for. Ryan Hall carries his arms really low. My take is do what feels most comfortable and it is probably what is most economical for your body.


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  2. Daniel Elenius says:

    Amazing – it looks like he’s not completely putting his heels down! Especially on the right foot.

    • I can’t understand how his lower legs can take 26 miles of forefoot only.  His soleus and achilles must be made of steel.

  3. Sergio Souza says:

    It seems like a perfect beautiful stride, if we can say that, to me.

  4. Seems like the way he “springs” off one foot allows him to land as he does while keeping the landing foot out in front of him.

  5. Katherine says:

    Running is amazing!


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