Is The Minimalist Trend Over? – Comments on Injury Risk and Sales Data

One of the comments I’ve seen a lot lately is that the minimalist running trend is over. A number of reasons are given to support this statement, and I thought I’d take a deeper look at two of the big ones. Injury Risk in Minimal Shoes The first reason I typically see put forth as […]

2013 Running Shoe Sales Data: What Do They Tell Us About What Runners Are Wearing?

The Dollar Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last week Scott Douglas published an article on with the title “Sales of Minimalist Shoes Plummet.” I’ve seen this article referenced a number of places over the past week, and I wanted to add a few comments. The data that Douglas referenced come from a SportsOneSource 1st Quarter […]

The Future of Minimalist Running Shoes and the Value of Variety

This morning I opened my email to find an alert that the newest edition of SGB Weekly magazine had come out and that it would be featuring a few articles by Thomas Ryan on trends in the running market as gleaned from interviews and discussions at The Running Event. The Running Event is the major […]

The State of the Running Shoe Market: First Quarter 2012 Sales Analysis from Matt Powell of SportsOneSource, and March 2012 Data From Leisure Trends Group

Matt Powell of SportsOneSource sent out his quarterly update on running shoe sales last week (add him on LinkedIn if you’d like to receive his report, or follow him on Twitter). I asked Matt if I could share his data on running sales and he kindly obliged. His report indicates that the lightweight running category […]

The State of the Running Shoe Market: December 2011 Running Specialty Sales Data from Leisure Trends

In addition to being interested in the science of running form and footwear, I also have a bit of an interest in the business side of things – can probably thank my father for that. Thus, I like following the market information provide by sources like SportsOneSource (Matt Powell’s updates are fantastic), Leisure Trends, and […]