Garmin Forerunner 620 Watch GPS Accuracy Issues

In the comments section of my recent review of the Garmin 910XT a friend mentioned that he had seen reports of GPS accuracy issues for the Forerunner 620. Fellrnr also has done some extensive testing of various GPS devices and his 620 did not fare well. Garmin has acknowledged this problem, and has a sticky […]

Fitbit Accuracy For Counting Running Steps

I have a confession to make: I love my Fitbit. I’m actually a little bit addicted to it. The little guy does a good job letting me know when I’ve been a sedentary slob – a run-less day sitting at my computer will typically net me only a few thousand steps, which is my indicator […]

Magellan Echo Running Watch + iSmoothRun App Review: A Brilliant Combination

A few months ago my friend Sam stopped by the clinic for a run. Sam and I share a love for experimenting with running shoes, but I discovered that day that we also share a fascination with tech gadgets and iPhone apps. Sam had brought along a new watch that he was playing with, the […]