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Shoe Previews: Asics Hyperspeed 7 and Asics DS Racer 11

I was just poking around on the Running Warehouse YouTube page and came across video previews for the Asics Hyperspeed 7 and Asics DS Racer 11. The previous versions of these shoes are personal favorites – affordable, lightweight, and well cushioned for racers. Both updates look fantastic!

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  1. David Henry says:

    Those do look good! Did you see the Nike Zoom LT 3…pretty nice looking update on those too! -DH

  2. I’ve become super addicted to racing shoes and minimalist shoes. I think my incidence of injury has gone down because of it. I will be 40 soon. I am running more than I ever have and I am injured less than ever before. I may never run in anything else ever again.

  3. How I wish I could wear shoes like these, I just can’t wear neutral shoes. I am just stuck with the stab shoes.

  4. Much like Jamik Ligon (in comments above), I have a thing for racing shoes. In fact, a couple of years ago I switched to running in racing shoes exclusively, including while training.

    As background, the Gel Hyperspeed 6 was the first racing shoe that I really fell in love with. It’s been my favourite shoe to date! Sadly, I ran them out and needed a new pair of shoes.

    The new pair of runners that I bought (Jan 2016) are the DS Racer 11. While I’m happy about their light weight and comfortable fit, there is just one negative about them for me.

    The only bad thing about my DS Racer 11’s is that there is something hard at the toe area – around where the sole bends up at the toe and meets the stitching. What this hard object is, it makes for uncomfortable long runs.

    Now, checking for hard parts within the shoe is something that I normally check when purchasing running shoes – so, I don’t know how I missed it until after my first run. I suspect that it’s just a defect in the pair that I happened to purchase, so as a precaution, I would say… have a feel around the toe areas before you buy these shoes – just in case!

    Apart from that, I really like these shoes, but not as much as the Gel Hyperspeed 6 (if they are comparable!).

    • Hyperspeed 7 just came out, so tempted to pick up a pair but have too many others to review! Have you tried the adidas Adios Boost? I’d put it right up there with the Hyperspeed.

  5. Graeme Walsh says:

    Haven’t tried the Adios Boost, but will keep them in mind. Will be on the look-out for the Hyperspeed 7. Think I’ll be getting a pair of those going on my experience with the Hyperspeed 6. January running is making me think that the Hyperspeed series is more suited to my foot / running style than the DS Racer series. Some trial-and-error! Good excuse for more running!

  6. Old post but hoping for a reply… have you heard anything regarding a new version 12 of the DS Racer. The DS Racer is my absolute favourite for long distance – marathons and half marathon – racing. I am currently using version 10 but they are starting to become slightly worn out and I have been told by staff in running speciality stores that the version 12 is due this summer but there’s nothing to be found on the web regarding a new version.

    The Hyperspeed is also gone as well as Asics Tarther (from Europe) and I am having trouble finding a similar perfectly fitting shoe for me. The DS Racer is the perfect racing shoe for me.

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