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New Balance 1400 v3 Review: Great Update to a Great Shoe

New Balance 1400 v3Sometimes a small update is all that is needed to make a near-perfect running shoe better. Such is the case with the New Balance 1400 v3.

Version 2 of the 1400 was one of my all-time favorite shoes. It was lightweight, simple in construction, and had my desired ride combo of a soft heel and firm forefoot. In fact, I think my only complaint about the shoe was that the interior was a bit scratchy/abrasive, thus precluding sockless running. Other than that, it was pretty much perfection.

When updating a great shoe you always run the risk of destroying what made it so special. New Balance was wise in their approach to updating the 1400 by only changing the upper. The sole is identical to that of the v2, thus the phenomenal ride has not changed. The stack heights are 23mm under the heel, and 13mm under the forefoot, and it weighs in at 6.3 oz in men’s size 9. As such, there is plenty of fairly soft cushion under the heel, allowing for use on longer runs, but it’s snappy and thin enough under the forefoot that it can be used for picking up the pace. It’s a do-everything shoe, and quite honestly, if I had to reduce my shoe collection to a single shoe right now this would be it. It’s that good.

New Balance 1400 v3 Side

One aspect of the sole worth mentioning is that there appears to be some kind of plate embedded in it. This adds a bit of longitudinal stiffness, and also provides a bit of protection from rocks. I know quite a few people who use the 1400 for racing on trails, and I’ve noticed that it has protected me pretty well while running on crushed rock roads. Wonder if the plate might explain some of this?

New Balance 1400 v3 medial

Outsole coverage on the 1400 v3 is fairly extensive everywhere but the midfoot, and durability so far for me has been good. I’m not sure you’ll get 500 miles out of a shoe like this unless you are really easy on soles, but for the price it should do pretty well.

New Balance 1400 v3 sole

The new upper on the 1400 v3 is pretty simple – it’s composed of a breathable mesh with welded overlays for support. But the big change here from the previous version is that the interior is much softer and not as abrasive against bare skin. I’ve run up to five miles sockless in them without any issues other than development of a rank odor.

New Balance 1400 v3 interior

In terms of fit, the 1400 v3 is a near perfect match for my foot. It’s not a wide shoe, and I did go up a half size, but it’s also not constrictive in any way. It simply disappears on my feet, and that’s pretty much the best compliment I can give to any shoe.

New Balance 1400 v3 top

If I haven’t made it clear enough yet, I absolutely love this shoe. For most shoes that I review, I aim to get about 30 miles on them before writing my thoughts up. In this case I’ve more than doubled that mileage simply because I’ve enjoyed running in them so much. It’s really been tough to want to run in anything else! The MSRP of $100 (it can usually be found for less) makes it all the more attractive in a world where shoe prices seem to be skyrocketing. If you haven’t yet tried the NB 1400, do yourself a favor and give it a go – I have no doubt that it will be among my top 3 shoes of the year!

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  1. Great review, Pete, bought the V2 on your recommendation and was not disappointed! Now if only I could find a less breathable version for upcoming winter running…BTW, will you review the new adidas Boston? Picked up a pair of Boston boost as the store had nothing else in my size and really like them. A bit narrow in the forefoot which is mitigated by lots of forefoot height, but otherwise they like to go fast!

    • Boston is a shoe I’d like to try, but have too many in my queue right now so probably will not get to them.

    • Carlos Navarro says:

      I just ran Mexico City marathon in a pair of Bostons, and I must say, I´m deeply disappointed at the shoe.

      Training went well with them….long runs check. But awkwardly, 1 week before the marathon, the left shoe started to feel somehow bent or twisted, I don’t know how to say it, but they stopped feeling comfortable in my foot. I did not pay attention to it, assuming that perhaps the insole had moved or something like that. Then marathon day came, and as I said, reinserted insoles, and I thought that would make it. BIG MISTAKE.

      By mile 3, I was already suffering this again! I don’t know if it’s the Torsion thing or what, but something got in the way of my gait cycle, and right now I have a sore toe :( (Hopefully nothing serious)

      For my next marathon (Boston), I’m already researching what shoe to use, apparently it’s going to be NB either way (Vazee Rush, Pace, Zante or 1400 v3).

      Hope this helps!
      Salud amigo!

  2. Wishing the shoe didn’t have so much of a heel to toe drop. That’s just really tended to be too much for my comfort.

  3. the 10mm offset didn’t feel noticeable?

  4. Serious question – why do some runners run without socks? Since you can’t wash your shoes, isn’t this a potential recipe for athlete’s foot? I know plenty who do it, but I was not quite sure why. Of course, I love funky socks and trying new ones, and have a sock fetish like some have a running shoe fetish!

    • Just read your nike free article.. I’m running 3-7 miles/day and looking for a low cost option for running shoes with good support

      Just returned a pair of store brand runners because my feet hurt

      I’m 6’4 and 265lbs so quite big


    • I put my running shoes in the washing machine every two weeks or so, Caitlin. So can you!

  5. I trained for my first marathon almost exclusively in the 1400 V1s. Then the V2’s came out. Ran the marathon in those, and continued training for my second one in them. Had to buy the V3’s as soon as they came out and have continued training in them, having logged about 100 miles already. Will run my second marathon in a few weeks in them.

    Periodically, I attempted to switch to other things (NB Fresh Foam Zantes – not my thing, Hokas – not my thing, Newton Distance III’s – my thing until the sole fell apart after 100 miles and customer service refused to replace them without proof of purchase.)

    Aside from the Newtons, absolutely nothing has come close to the 1400s. Nothing. Best running shoe on the market. “Disappears on my foot” is the perfect way to describe them. I run road, trail, gravel, you name it and they have been awesome. I also have a very flat foot and overpronate, and wear these without custom insoles/orthodics and experience no pain or problems. I doubt I’ll make the mistake of trying anything else again. I love NB for continuing to make improvements without ruining any of the details that have worked in past versions.

  6. Slightly off-topic question:

    I have an undying love for the 1400s. Have used every version they’ve released. No other running shoe has come close. I’ve found my perfect road shoe.

    However, I’m itching to get into trail running after my fall marathon. But I know nothing about trail running shoes. Do you have a recommendation for a good trail shoe based on my love for the NB 1400? Any advice would be appreciated.


  7. Hello Peter ! Great review !
    I run with NB MR00 and I really enjoy them.
    I wonder if 1400 V3 could be a good choice for long runs (more than 2 hours)? My mid foot stride could be altered?
    How does 1400 size? I am 9 US with the MR00 and they fit perfectly.

  8. Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the review!
    Is the fit identical to V2’s?

  9. Thanks for the review,
    I am a fan of the wrc1600 who needs to get a new pair of racing shoes for my fall marathon. I am hesitating between getting a new pair of my well-known darlings or trying the 1400v3. Unfortunately, none of these are available around me to try and I will have to order online and take a chance.
    Which would you recommend?

    • The 1600 is firmer and a bit narrower, the 1400 a bit more forgiving under the heel. Personally I’d go 1400 for a marathon distance race between the two.

      • Thanks! Got a pair of them. really good shoes but I still prefer the 1600 on race day … Now pondering which to run in for next month’s marathon :-)

  10. Hello Peter ! Great review !
    I run with NB MR00 and I really enjoy them.
    I wonder if 1400 V3 could be a good choice for long runs (more than 2 hours)? My mid foot stride could be altered?
    How does 1400 size? I am 9 US with the MR00 and they fit perfectly

    • If you are already midfoot I don’t think you will have any problem in the 1400, no issues for me and I’m mild heel to midfoot. You might try a half size up in the 1400, not quite as roomy as the MR00.

  11. Hi there! I enjoy reading your post. Thanks for sharing this

  12. John MacLean says:

    Great review…any plans to review the Vazee Pace – the NB replacement for the 890? Other reviews seem positive so far.


    • Tempted, but don’t have a pair yet. Still have a bunch of shoes in the queue that I need to get to first.

    • Last week I went to the store to pick up a pair of Zante shoes, but they were sold out and I ended up with a pair of Vazee Pace and could not be happier. I had used the 1400s a couple of years ago and I wasn’t terribly impressed…there was the tongue issue that has been mentioned and the RevLite sole just seemed to have no life to me.
      I only have 3 runs in them so far, but the Vazee is very comfortable and the sole of this shoe seems a lot livelier. I did go up 1/2 size.

  13. Great review Pete. I’m thinking this or the Adios Boost would be a perfect speed work shoe for me as I need the drop due to a balky achilles. The Vazee Pace and Zante fit very comfortably in size 10.5. Do you think the 1400v3 would work in that same size?

  14. Thanks for this great review Pete! I’m planning to buy the New Balance 1400 v3. Would you recommend this for running a 42k marathon? Will it be durable in the long run?

  15. Great review, Pete! Already got your hands on the v4? I’m tempted to replace my 1400 v2’s with either the v4’s or the Vazee Pace. The main difference is the drop (6mm vs 10mm) I guess. Any advice on that?

  16. Is there a difference between the RC1400 v3 & the M1400 v3?
    Thank you!

  17. hi pete,
    have you run in the 1400v4 yet? sounds like it might have a fairly different feel from the v3.

  18. Still my favorite running shoe ever made!

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