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What Moves You?: A Film For Runners by Runners

What Moves You MovieThe trailer (scroll down) of this Kickstarter film project titled “What Moves You?” looks great – here’s the description of the film:

Told from the point-of-view of runners from all walks of life, the film explores the inspiration and motivation that modern cultures associate with running.

On the surface, the reasons people run seem obvious; health, stress, competition to name a few. But what if there is a deeper, more intrinsic compulsion that connects people who choose to run for enjoyment regardless of genetic, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious or physical differences?

Runners share an uncommon bond in today’s society, whether it’s through participation in the events or a simple ‘hey’ on an isolated nature trail. We aim to find out what it is.

With breathtaking landscapes, high-profiles races and quirky tribal-like parades as the backdrop, we join hardcore and casual runners alike on their individual journeys to health and wellness, weight loss, triumph, freedom and companionship, with one goal in mind; to find out what moves them.

Back this film on Kickstarter:

What Moves You? A film for runners by runners from What Moves You? on Vimeo.

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  1. I wanted to fund this but there is too little information and only backers can post questions. It’s also a bit too American orientated (although I see quite a bit of footage of the Comrades Marathon in South Africa).
    My specific worry about backing it relates to DRM, licencing and availability outside the US. I live in Germany and GEMA (a music ‘rights’ money extortion racket like RIAA in the US) sues anyone that doesn’t hand over unreasonable license fees. Any music used in the movie would be subject to this extortion here. I wish they had addressed this in the description as I was ready to back it. Instead my money went to runScribe after reading your earlier post about it 😉

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