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Hoka Clifton Giveaway Contest

Hoka CliftonAbout a month ago I was contacted by Hoka asking if I’d be interested in trying out the new Hoka Clifton and conducting a giveaway for a pair of the shoes here on Runblogger. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things from fellow shoe geeks about the Clifton, and based on specs (around 8oz, 29mm heel, 23mm forefoot stack) it seemed like one of the first Hokas that I might enjoy taking for a spin.

I received the shoes a few weeks ago, and have now managed to get in a few runs in them. I’m far from ready to review them in full, but my early impression is that they fit much better than other Hokas I’ve tried on (roomier up front) and feel crazy light compared to the amount of cushion they pack in. It’s also been surprising that they really don’t seem to interfere with my stride in any noticeable way. I’ve seen the Cliftons described as a cushier Kinvara, though I think the closest comparison among shoes I have run in is the Skechers GoRun Ultra.

I’m still not sure a shoe like the Clifton (or the Skechers Ultra for that matter) is the best match for my stride since the softness sometimes makes me feel like I’m working harder than I should, but that could be because I’m well adapted to much less shoe. As such, I’m going to be spending some additional time in the Cliftons before rendering a final verdict.

Hoka Clifton Side

In the meantime, Hoka generously offered up a pair of Cliftons for me to give away, so if you’re interested in trying a pair you can enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below. The winner will be given a free-pair promo code for use on the US Hoka website, so unfortunately this contest is only open to US residents. I need to work on some non-US giveaways at some point!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I run in Hokas most of the time and had a chance to try the Cliftons this weekend. Loved them!

  2. My favorite running shoe is the Nike Pegasus 30 which is great for 5K/10K training but now that I’m starting fall marathon training and my long runs are getting longer, it would be nice to have a shoe that has more cushion.

  3. Kyle Pennell says:

    I’ve been in asics Gt-2000’s for a couple of years now.

  4. Right now the only running shoe I wear is Hoka’s. I would appreciate a roomier toe box! thanks…..

  5. I’m trying out a pair of Huakas, would be interested to try these as well!

  6. Right now I love my Brooks Ghost 6’s. It would be great to try Hoka’s though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Tough call.

    Bondi B3, but I really prefer the forefoot padding and toebox of the Altra paradigm.

  8. My favorite shoe right now is the Brooks PureFlow 3, although the Kinvara 5 may knock it out of 1st place in my rotation. To be determined.

  9. favorite shoe right now is the montrail fluid flex 2

  10. Love my Peg 29..tried the Bondi’s..and the heel wear was a little too high alond with a tight forefoot

  11. Amy Dedic says:

    I got a chance to try the Cliftons this summer and I love them. I want another pair!!!!!!

  12. Jeff McFarlan says:

    Running mostly in Skechers right now. A Hoka like the GRU would be great.

  13. I’ve always been curious about this brand. This would be a great way to try them out!

  14. Altra One 2

  15. Joel Daniels says:

    Current favorite shoe is the On CloudSurfer.

  16. Joel Daniels says:

    My current shoe is the On CloudSurfer

  17. I love me my Hokas! They took me a while to get used to, but now they are my favorite shoes to run in.

  18. Finally a pair of Hoka’s that I could see myself running in!

  19. I’ve only tried a few so far (running shoes are much too expensive for me to do a collection) but I really like my Brooks Dyad 7, which was recommended to me by a very nice salesperson in the Boston Marathon store.

  20. I’ve had the Cliftons for about a month and love them. They’re a pretty fast shoe for me – I usually end up going faster than planned.

  21. My current favorite show is actually a split between my Nike Free Fkyknit 4’s and Merrell Bare Access 3’s.

  22. These shoes are really intriguing and seem to be getting lots of positive reviews. Has Hoka achieved some technological advancement that allows such huge amounts of cushioning at such a low weight? I have a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus. Lots of cushioning, but really heavy.

  23. I’ve been on the Asics GT 20xx series for about 15 years, but need to upgrade the cushion for my increasing distance and old man knees. Definitely considering Hokas

  24. Peal Izumi N2 road and trail

  25. I use my Bondis on my ElliptiGO. Hope to be able to run again soon.

  26. Comment.

  27. I’ve run in Altras for a couple of years, but the maximal cushioning in the Hokas

  28. My husband loves his Hokas! I’m running in Kinvara 5’s right now and loving them.

  29. Favorite current shoe is the Kinvara 5.

  30. Currently in Newton Distance, not the newest ones. Looking at Hoka Huaka or Clifton.

  31. elizabeth says:

    Not sure hokas are for me but I’m dying to try them anyways

  32. I wear the Mizuno Wave Elixir but have to find a replacement as they no longer produce that model!

  33. Just switched from inov8s to Solomon sense pro shoes. Needed a little more structure. The Salomon provided an upper fit close to the inov8s which I needed.

  34. Tried the Stimson Tarmac as my first Hoka experience. Eliminated a lot of post run soreness, but got a different knee soreness after each run. Not slow but felt like more work. Replace with Sketchers Ultra, which is just as cushioned but much lighter. Good for trails and hiking, but a little too much movement for the road. Added Sketchers Ride 3 which I like for short road runs, but I knew it was not enough for a fall marathon. The Clifton came out just in time, light and firm enough to run fast and make long runs enjoyable.

  35. Seriously considering Clifton’s for my fall marathon. Tried them on just for fit and they seemed a little squishy. Might be because I’m used to much less shoe. It’s down to the Clifton & PI Road N1 as my final contenders.

  36. Mark+Kapitan says:

    Favorite at the moment has to be the Newton Fate!!!

  37. Don+Livingston says:

    I’m currently running in Altra Instinct 2.0. Have a new pair coming from Running Warehouse today. My current pair are pretty worn out.

  38. My favorite shoe right now would be the Altra Superior, if the upper didn’t keep separating from the outsole (2 pairs in a row now, the first pairs I’ve ever thrown out while they still had tread left!) I’d love to try the new Hokas, because I won’t pay full price for a pair :)

  39. Loving the Clifton. At 6-foot-3 and 175 lbs, I’m always on the lookout for lightweight cushion with no stability gimmicks. Smooth ride

  40. Julia Moffitt says:

    I’ve got 90 miles on the Clifton and and have run a lot of miles in 2 pr. of Sketchers GoRunUltra. I have to say the Clifton is a better shoe for me since it’s not so top heavy. The GRU can feel a little unstable medial/lateral to me while I don’t get that from the Clifton. It’s an amazing shoe to me!

  41. I currently run in a Conquest but it’s a little too heavy for my liking. Huaka and Clifton have definitely peaked my interest.

  42. I’ve been super pleased with my first pair of Newton Distance, and I still log all my trail miles in my Merrell Ascend Gloves!

  43. look like the would be a nice cushioned alternative for long runs without feeling heavy.

  44. Tom+Davidson says:

    Current favorite that I’m running in are the Altra Superiors 1.0

  45. Jim in Maine says:

    Haven’t tried the Clifton yet but do enjoy the other Hoka shoes I run in …

  46. interested in the Clifton review.

  47. Saucony Virrata currently but I’m interested in trying out Hokas

  48. Philip Williams says:

    Like my 2012 Newton Distance and love the fit of the Hoka Rapa Nui Trail and will get them out to the trails this weekend for their first run.

  49. Currently using New Balance 890v4s. They work for me, but I’m always up for trying a new shoe.

  50. Pete:
    Any chance of you getting the Hoka Huaka to try out?
    I’ve read Nate’s and other reviews but would very much appreciate your opinion as I’m interested in getting a pair but worry about the narrow toe box.

  51. Currently my favorite running shoe is the GOrun 3 by skechers! I am always willing to try new things though!

  52. Joe+Iannazzi says:

    Currently running in Skechers GoBionic and love them. Really need to find a similar shoe in terms of drop, open toe box, and very light, but with more cushion. Suggestions? Tried Virrata, but didn’t like them.

  53. Kinvara 5, the right amount of softness and the perfect weight.

  54. Hannah Jurgelis says:

    I’m entering for my husband, but his favorite brand of running shoes are Nike.

  55. Michael Wehrle says:

    My current favorite running shoe is the Kinvara 3. If only I could buy some new ones still…

  56. i have actually been messing around with the cliftons for about 6-8 weeks. they are crazy light-weight, but for someone coming off of knee surgery, i don’t feel that they provide the same cushion as the Bondi, so i use the new bondi for the long runs and alternate the clifton in with other lightweight shoes for tempo or track work.

  57. Most of my long runs are in Kinvaras, most of my shorter runs and speedwork are in Flyknit Racers.

    Curious about the Hokas…

  58. Current fav is the Newton Distance III S.

  59. Christian says:

    Do I really need to run on Marshmallows- time to find out.

  60. Now these seem like a pair of Hokas I may enjoy!

  61. I just discovered the Brooks Adrenaline 14 and like the support and cushion.

  62. I like Hoka Stinson Trail shoes.

  63. Currently do most of my mileage in Asics Cumulus. I’d love to give Hoka a try at some point.

  64. Alan+Ashley says:

    Did a demo run in these. Sized 1/2 up, but I think that is the way to go for me. Thanks

  65. Right now I do most of my miles in the Nike Pegasus 30, but I’m intrigued by the Hokas as I know so many people who recovered from injury by using them!

  66. Jay Teinert says:

    I have run a fair amount in the Altra Torins for long distance runs. I would be interested in giving the Hoka’s a try.

  67. Great giveaway. I have been wanting to try these.

  68. Right now I like my vivo barefoot trailfreaks.

  69. New Balance 1400, and 1010

  70. Hoping the Hoka Clifton will help my cranky Achilles

  71. I love the Pure Flows!

  72. Mike Szekely says:

    My current favorite running shoe (of late) has been the Altra Olympus for longer trail runs, the Altra One2 for speedwork & shorter races (although, I just ran a Marathon couple months ago in these…nice!)…but I’ve been really wanting to get into the Hokas!!! This Clifton, with the light weight & cush, looks very nice!

  73. Love my Kinvara 3s!

  74. I’ve wanted to give these a shot… fighting the dreaded PF and thinking maybe a shoe change will help!

  75. Stephen Fitzgerald says:

    Skechers GOrun Ride 2

  76. I’m a minimalist guy, but I’ll try anything that claims to be as innovative as these things are.

  77. as a fan of the GoRun Ultra, I would love to give these a try -thanks for the opportunity

  78. My current favorite are my Merrell Bare Access 3s. I love them, and I have no idea how you consider them to be too firm. Now I also have the Road Glove 2, and they are definitely a firm shoe!

  79. Saucony Virrata

  80. Andrew Smith says:

    I’m currently running road in my Newton Energy, and trails in my New Balance 1010 v2

  81. I’ve always wanted to try some Hokas, so this would be a great opportunity.

  82. J K Brennan says:

    I need a wide toe box like the Altra’s but without the wide heel that the 3-Sum has.

  83. redbeardrunnin says:

    I need these shoes!!!!!!!!!

  84. If it is as good as the Altra Olympus it must be nice!

  85. I really like my Saucony Kinvara 3s but I’ve been curious about the Hokas for awhile now. I was planning on checking out a pair in the next month or two anyway.

  86. Sure would like to give these shoes a try!

  87. My current favorite running shoe…Hoka! I wear the Stinson on the trails.

  88. What does a maximum cushioning shoe like this do to turnover? Do people find it hard to hit their regular cadence after switching?

  89. Still looking for that perfect shoe! Hoping the Clifton is it!

  90. I love the Brook’s Adrenaline GTS 14

  91. been an Altra guy for several years. curious how the wider toe box in the Clifton will work out

  92. I normally run in extremely minimal shoes – racing flats or NB MR00. Did a trial run in the Cliftons last week though and really liked them.

  93. I’ve been wearing Asics Gel Kayanos for a long time, but I’m excited to try Hoka One One Cliftons!

  94. John Patrick Riley says:

    Anything with zero or minimal drop and well cushioned. Impressed with the Cliftons at a race expo.

  95. Love your blog and would like to try the shoes! Thanks!

  96. Kinvara 3…just bought a pair of Kinvara 5 and am looking forward to taking them out.

  97. Right now, my favorite running shoes are an old pair of ASICS that are in need of replacement!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  98. THese look interesting – I had the Stinsons and sold them to a friend – too narrow for me to feel good in over 3 miles. Heard some good things about this model – will be fun to try. Favs right now and Altra Superior & Torin and Inov8 Roclite 268.

  99. Hokas have always seemed interesting to me, but their price has kept my from trying them out.

  100. Altra One Squared.

  101. Dan Patterson says:

    I’m enjoying running in my NB MR1400s.

  102. I personally love the new balance 1600 as of right now

  103. Favorite shoes right now are the Altra One 2 and Mizuno Wave Hitogami

  104. Hoka One One Conquest – although I still have a pair of Bondi 2s that I am using as well.

  105. Saucony Guide 7 and Kinvara 4. I wish the Guides were more flexible and the Kinvaras were more durable.

  106. Luna Venado.

  107. It’s hard to choose a favorite. It’s like choosing a favorite child. I guess I’ll go with my Mizuno Wave Evo Levitas.

  108. Sue Sanborn says:

    My current go to shoe is Brooks Pureflow. I like the cushiness during long runs. Just bought a pair of Hokas Kailua Tarmac’s thanks to your post about Running Warehouse’s liquidation sale. Always wanted to try Hokas but not willing to pay the price for a shoe I may not like. This sale made them affordable. Did a 5 miler in them. Took 3 miles to get used to them but then was pleasantly surprised with the smooth ride. Can’t wait to take them out again! Thanks!

  109. Paul Wessel says:

    I typically run in Asics – GTs, Kayanos, Adrenalins and Nimbus… looking for something to help soften the blow to the 50 yr old knees and hips.

  110. Almost 100 miles on my Cliftons. Would love to win another pair.

  111. Love my Hokas; been a fan for the past 18 months and I’ve run more miles per week since transitioning than I ever have in 35 years of running! Current favorites are the Conquest and Rapa Nui, but all time favorite is Bondi Speeds! Love the Hokas!

  112. Newton Gravity III is my current favorite.

  113. I run in Stinson ATR’s

  114. My favs are a mix of Altra, Hoka, Newton, and VFF. Will be wearing my Bondi 2’s for my first 50 miler (Superior 50). Would really love a pair of Clifton’s, wink, wink;-)

  115. 2012 Gravity still my favorite shoe.

  116. I am enjoying Skechers GoRunRide3 right now.
    Tried on Merrell bare access Ultra and the Hola Clifton on the same day but didn’t pull the trigger on either one. Ultra had best forefoot fit but was looking for a little more cushion. Clifton is definitely plush but a little snug in forefoot for me.

  117. I am enjoying Skechers GoRunRide3 right now.
    Tried on Merrell bare access Ultra and the Hoka Clifton on the same day but didn’t pull the trigger on either one. Ultra had best forefoot fit but was looking for a little more cushion. Clifton is definitely plush but a little snug in forefoot for me.

  118. I rotate Skechers GoRun Ultras and Nike Pegasus with the Skechers GoRun 2 and Saucony Virratas.

  119. I currently spend most of my miles in the Altra Olympus.

  120. Pearl Izumi N 1

  121. My favorite distance shoe is the Skechers Go Run Ride (both 2 and 3). However, I’ve been spending more time in Merrell Bare Access 2’s lately. Testing out something a little more minimal.

  122. I love the brooks pureflow 2…haven’t tested out the 3 yet, they’ll be here this week!

    • I found fit to be a bit snugger in the Flow 3, curious to hear your impressions.

      • I definitely found the fit to be snugger through the toe box, but 20 miles into them it hasn’t bothered me too bad. I really like the change to the outter heel where the “strap” comes in, which was my only complaint with the 2’s. 4 mm is definitely in my wheelhouse for my midfoot strike and I’ve run relatively injury free for two years, thanks in large part to your blog!

  123. I run primarily in Saucony Ride’s, but just recently got a pair of Brooks Pureflow’s and my first impression is that they will become my favorites.

  124. My favorite running shoe is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14!

  125. Richard Sheward says:

    Fave shoes: Saucony Fastwitch 6 on roads and Patagonia Everlong on trails.

  126. I would love to try some Hokas! The price has made me nervous to buy any in case they don’t work out.

  127. Lately I’ve been liking the NB 890 a lot!

  128. Martin Tanner says:

    Skechers GoRun Ultras are the shoe that leave my feet feeling best after long runs (and hence my current go to marathon shoe). Good cushioning, not too heavy, roomy toe box, and just enough of a midfoot bump. But I’m very intrigued by the favorable comparisons between the Clifton and the Ultras

  129. My favorite shoe is the Inov-8 Trailroc 245.

  130. frank pichel says:

    Road shoe: Hoka Clifton
    Trail: Saucony Peregrine

  131. I know it is extreme, but I go back and forth between Skora Coreand Hoka Bondi.

  132. Wayne Whiting says:

    Nike Flyknit Hyperfeel

  133. Wooderson says:

    would love to give them a try!

  134. Altra Torin

  135. Skechers GoRun Ultra are my favorite shoe for long runs on the road or smooth trail. They are too laterally unstable for me on technical trails so I always go back to my trusty North Face Ultra Guides for the rougher trails. From the reviews it sounds like Hoka Cliftons are much more stable than the Skechers even if they aren’t really a trail shoe. I would really like to try them out!

  136. Asics Gel-Lyte 33 v3 and Brooks pureconnect2

  137. Hoka Bondi 2, which sadly are in need of replacement

  138. David Hayden says:

    Currently running in the Nike Free Flynit 4.0

  139. Altra Torin

  140. Running in the Kinvara 5 at the moment. Always been curious about Hoka!

  141. Don Pendergraft says:

    My favorite are the Pearl Izumi EM Trail N2’s.

  142. Skechers GoRun Ride 3’s are treating me very well right now. Love your blog Pete.

  143. I run a lot in the Saucony Peregrine. I’ve had 3 models of the shoe. The sole is amazing- very little wear after 500 miles even. The drop is 4 mm. There’s a reasonable amount of toe room, although I would like more.

  144. Chas Willimon says:

    My favorite running shoes are the Altra Olympus for long stuff and the New Balance MRC5000 for races. Pretty different, I know, but I’m hoping the Clifton will bridge the gap.

  145. I have about 250 miles on my Saucony Kinvara. Absolutely love them!

  146. Ryan Henry says:

    Right now, my favorite shoe is the Brooks Pure Cadence 3.

  147. Simon Goodship says:

    I have been running in the Skechers Ultras and found them to save my legs a lot of punishment. I haven’t tried any Hokas, but I am interested to see if they work for me.

  148. Rich Camerik says:

    I love my Brooks Ghost 5’s for road runs 15 miles or less, Stinson Lites for anything over that and Brooks Cascadia for trails. I love the Hokas but not for trails – too high up – if you twist an ankle (which happens to me often), it’s a long way down

  149. I’ve done most of my running in my Brooks GTS 13s, although I did just buy a pair of Saucony Ride 6.

    Although I will say if I’m running on dirt that’s not too rocky I’m still fond of my Vibrams.

  150. I’m currently using Brooks Pure Cadence. Would love to try a pair of Hoka’s.

  151. Thanks for the great giveaway … though I confess these would be for my wife. I work well in lightweight shoes, but she really needs the stabilizers. She has a pair of Avias now that need replacing!

  152. My current favorite running shoe is the nike free 4.0 fun and light wirh decent cushioning

  153. john macklen says:

    My favorite running shoe would be the new balance mt 1010amp. It has the perfect weight, cushion, and flexibility for me. Also loved the rounder toe box. Unfortunately it has been discontinued.

  154. Andy Halfhill says:

    My current favorite shoe is the Mizuno Wave Sayonara!

  155. I tried the Conquest, but think the Clifton sounds like the right shoe for me. Very excited to try these!

  156. I think my favorite shoe right now is the brooks ghost, versatile shoe, great fit and comfy.

  157. Adidas Glide Boost is the current fave. Good forefoot cushioning for me in a neutral shoe. It’s hard to find something that doesn’t just have cushion in the heel/midfoot area.

  158. Asics GT 2000

  159. I’m currently liking the GoRun ride and Nike Free 5.0.

  160. Favorite shoe is the Cortana 3.

  161. Currently training in Brooks ARS, but I’ve been eyeing the Hokas for awhile.

  162. Saucony Kinvara 5; Asics Hyperspeed 6

  163. Fav shoe is currently the Brooks PureFlow. Would love to try the new Hokas!

  164. I’ve been enjoying running in Brooks Pure Cadence shoes, but the last upgrade isn’t agreeing with my feet. I brought a new pair of Hoka One One Cliftons to the Hood to Coast relay last weekend and was impressed how comfortable and lightweight they were.

  165. My current favorite is the Newton Gravity III.

  166. Skechers GoRun3 is my current favorite, but the sole is wearing fast.

  167. currently loving the new balance mt110v2 with the sock liner removed for trails, and also the new balance 1400v2 for roads

  168. Current fave? Definitely the Skechers GoMeb Speed 2. But only in the NY Marathon colorway. Man that black and gold!

  169. My current favorite running shoe is the Altra One2. They’re so light on my feet and I just feel fast running in them.

  170. I’m a Saucony fan, but hope to add Hoka Clifton’s into my rotation :)

  171. The Brooks cascadia 9 for trail, and the hoka Clifton for the road fi I win !

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