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Saucony Grid Type A6 Sizing Update

Several weeks ago I posted a first impression post on the Saucony Grid Type A6. In that post I mentioned that the shoe seemed to fit longer and narrower than the A5 (I had both in size 10.5), and I indicated I was hoping to get ahold of a pair in size 10 for comparison.

I actually have not run in the A6’s since writing that post since I felt the shoes fit kind of long. I finally went ahead and ordered myself a pair of size 10’s and just tried them on.

My impression is that the 10’s are a much better fit – I have a thumb’s width between my big toe and tip of the shoe in the 10, thumb and a half in the 10.5. Right now I’m wearing the size 10 A6 on one foot, and my size 10.5 A5 on the other, and they seem comparable in length. The A6 does feel like a narrower shoe, but it’s hard to say for certain since my A5’s are well broken-in and the A6’s are brand new.

The photos below indicate the location of the tip of my big toe in the two shoes (yellow = 10.5, orange = 10):

Saucony A6 Sizing 2014-04-02 16.58.06

So my recommendation regarding sizing is that you may want to consider sizing down a half size from what you wear in the A5 if you are considering the A6. The A6 will feel snugger for most people I think, but I’m hoping that with some upper break-in and insole compression the fit will improve. I may also try swapping in a thinner insole. They feel great with the insole removed, but unfortunately there is an abrasive mesh below the insole so running without it may not work so well.

2014-04-02 17.26.48
Saucony A6 (left) and A5 (right)

Hope this helps, I may use the A6’s in a 5K this weekend, first race in a long, long time!

Have you tried the Saucony A6? Curious what your experience with sizing has been – please leave a comment if you have thoughts!

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  1. I was a size 9 in the A5, so I bought the A6 in 8.5. The difference in width is quite noticeable for someone with a wide foot. I had to change the lacing on the A6 to make it feel comfortable.

    I love the feel of the A6, they feel “faster” than the A5. I just wish the shoe fit me a bit better.

  2. My A6 and A5 at 10.5 both seem to fit well. Almost identical toe space. If I went down a half my toe would be cramped.

  3. thoughts on the a6 sole/ride compared to a5? perhaps after your 5k?

    • I think the A6 is slightly longer (1/2 size) than the A5.

      The A6 is a nice shoe, but it doesn’t secure the foot like the A5 (it is more like a slipper).

      The A5 was a great shoe. No reason to screw it up.

      – rovati

    • The feel isn’t much different underfoot, but the shoe is narrower so the fit is the main difference. Opted for the PI Road N0 for the 5K.

  4. Similar experience – I needed to go down a half size in the A6 (10.5 from 11), which is closer to the size I typically take from other manufacturers (10.5).

    I’m a big fan and have started to use them exclusively for marathons and most training except long easy runs. They’re a good blend of speed with just enough support.

    They are definitely a snug fit (racing shoe fit), 100 or so miles in I’ve found they’ve given a bit, though maybe I’ve got used to them. It’s a matter of taste but I prefer the snug fit and haven’t had any issues from discomfort, blisters etc.

  5. I bought the A5’s just before the A6’s were available and glad I did. I got the A5’s as a dedicated indoor training shoe, but with the intention of road racing in them when the time came. The time came and so it was time for another set of indoor shoes. I really enjoyed the fit and feel of the A5 for the workouts, but much more so when running full tilt. I went and purchased A6’s for my new workout shoes as they seemed similar to the A5’s in many respects. However, I hadn’t noticed what should have been obvious, that the A6’s were longer and narrower in the toe box than the same sized A5’s. Rovatti’s observation of a 1/2 size longer is spot on. I went back to my favorite shoe shop and tried on a half size smaller. The longer shoe felt more comfortable and less like a shoe on my foot, which I prefer. The half size smaller shoe was clearly a half size too small for me. In addition, I couldn’t discern any performance drop from the added length beyond the toe in the bigger shoe. I still prefer the A5’s but can report that the A6’s have worked just fine for the indoor training.

    • I noticed the A6 is slightly longer but I stuck with my normal shoe size. The major difference for me is that the shoe feels more narrow through the midsole, and thus slightly less supportive. They still feel like a fast shoe and would be my go-to for the roads. Nearly perfect, except for the heinous color combos in the A6 and the fact that I have to glue the drainage holes, which only let icy water in at this time of year.

      • Yes, definitely a snugger fit. I’d still use for a 5K, but not sure it’s as versatile a shoe as the A5. Might not be a comfortable shoe for 13.1 for example, whereas the A5 worked great for me for that distance.

    • If you like the A5, take a look at the Pearl Izumi Road N0. One of my favorite shoes right now for speed.

      • I bought the A6 because of your review… I have run a 5K, a training run, and a half marathon in them. I really like them. They are very light weight and fit my foot well. I wear the 9.5 and I ordered the A6 in this size as well… Thanks for the review and the follow up.

  6. In the 10.5 you found the right size for ultra distance events.

  7. Really bummed to hear that the A6 is narrower. A4s were my go-to shoe for a couple of years and would I love to get A6s but I love a wide toe box even more.

    Thx for saving me the trouble & expense of trying them myself!

  8. A6 squeezed my toes together, pushing my big toe towards the centerline of the foot. Too bad because I love the lightness and firmness and fit otherwise. They just didn’t leave room for my big toe; they seemingly went with a traditional (read bad) last.

  9. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Peter,
    I bought mine at the same size as my A5, size10. When I tried size 9.5, the length is OK, but the point where my feet bends/flexes with the shoes feel awkward, and I had to change back to size10, although it looks and feels a little longer, the flexibility now feels natural. I still feel A5 is better than A6, too bad there are no more A5’s in our store here.

    • I wound up racing in the size 10’s and they were fine, but yes, I also felt they flexed a little weird, but that felt better than the 10.5’s which felt way too long. Hoping they break in.

  10. After going through 8 pairs of the A5 since your original review on them, I have been anticipating the A6 for quite some time. Unfortunately, I have been extremely disappointed in the A6. The sizing on the A5 fit my foot perfectly, but as others have noted, the narrower toe box immediately gave me blisters and feels cramped. I will be calling Saucony to have them replace my A6 with the A5. Love the looks of the new shoe and the feel of the sole, but the foot must be comfortable to run a good race.

  11. Michael Busch says:

    I did my first run in the A6 today. I also bought the PI N0, but it didn’t fit me right, my little toe bumps against the side of that shoe – bummer, I really like them otherwise. The left fit perfectly, the right had the toe issue. So, the A6, yes there is a lot of room in the front of the shoe, but the overall sizing is good for me. So, I didn’t size differently than normal. I am normally a 9.5, and I am fine with the A6 in a 9.5.
    But, and this could be due to the shoe being new, and my not being used to racing flats, but my left adductor/groin was a bit sore throughout the run, and after. Nothing bad, just definitely there. I had the same problem with the Skechers GoRun 3 with a Kinvara 3 insole. I ended up switching the Kinvara 3 insole for the stock Skechers insole and the GoRun 3 hasn’t given me any further problems. Any suggestions? Should I maybe switch out the A6 insole with something else? Overall I loved the shoe, just not sure what to make of the adductor soreness.

    • Tough to say, I wouldn’t normally associate an adductor issue with shoes, especially two shoes as different as the A6 and the GR3. No problems in other shoes?

  12. How does the sizing compare to the Virrata 2s?

  13. I’m still undecided about the A6… I’ve done 3 short runs (about 7km each) & had the lacing wrong so the tongue bunched up & lace hole area was digging into the tendon on the top of my big toe ouch ouch ouch. The fit is really snug & I’ve stayed with the same sizing as the A4. They definitely feel lighter & FAST! I absolutely loved the A4 & stocked up big (6x pairs), so I hope the A6s come right for me as I’ve my goal HM race in 6weeks & I don’t want to be testing other shoes at this stage. I didn’t try the A5 as I was so happy with the A4. I use Virratas for my easy & recovery runs. Your reviews as so helpful!

  14. Fernando says:

    Pete, in the A5 do you use your habitual Saucony size? I have seen a good offer in a shoe website and I might order a pair, but I am not sure if I should go for my Kinvara size (9) or 9.5…
    As for the A6, I guess I should try my standard Saucony size…

  15. Funny,
    I never had a5s, and in fact I bought the a6 to replace my beloved NB1400s. Sounds like the a5 would have been too wide for me as I have a narrow foot. So the question is whether the next version will address your concerns, and then become unwearable for me.

    Most Sauconys I have tried have too much shoe for my low volume foot but not these. It’s too bad, because I love the ride on the Kinvaras too.

  16. Hi, I just received my Type A6s today! I loved the type A5. But my feet are kinda weird. When I put the shoe on my left foot I have about the width of my thumb, which is perfect. But my right foot is smaller and I have about a thumb and a half width. Do you think that is alright anyway? I don’t know that it being a little bigger would be bad at all?

  17. Eugene Teo says:

    I’m a Size 8 in Kinvara 3 and Kinvara 5..what would you recommend for me for A6?

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