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2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Running Gear Deals

Black FridayLast year around this time I put up a post containing a collection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale links. Basically what I did was spend several hours scouring the web for running-related holiday sales, and aggregated them all into a single post – kind of a one-stop shop for runners looking for discounted shoes and gear. The post was hugely popular, and it benefited me in that I earn a small commission from affiliate referral sales at many online retailers. You save money, and I get a kickback for alerting you to the sale – it’s a nice win-win, and it helps me to be able to keep doing what I do here on Runblogger.

Over the past week I’ve been collecting all emails I get pertaining to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and I spent a few hours this morning looking around at sites that sell shoes and gear. What follows is a list of deals that I was able to come up with. If you know of any others that I missed, feel free to share links in the comments, we can all benefit! Some are not activ until tomorrow or Friday, and dates are noted where necessary. I also have a few that I can’t post until they actually start, so check back in a few days and there may be some additions.

In addition to online shopping, I would also encourage you to consider checking out your local running specialty store on Small Business Saturday! I’m sure many will have sales, and American Express has its Small Business Saturday program where you get $10 back with a purchase of $10 or more at a small business (I don’t have an AE card so not sure exactly how it works).

On to the deals!

Amazon usually has a good selection of sale running shoes, and often has discount codes. Below is a code for 25% off that is active now on select shoes, and a code for 30% off that activates on Sunday.

NOW: Take 25% off select running shoes with code BFSHOE25. Click here to view selection.

STARTING 12/1: Shop Amazon – Spend $100 and Receive 30% Off Shoes, Handbags and More

Running Warehouse

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are over, but Running Warehouse still has lot of great shoes on sale right now (view men’s sale shoes and women’s sale shoes). Using the Runblogger code RUNBLOG10 should get you an additional 10% off on the sale shoes.

City Sports

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are over, but City Sports is offering a a 20% off one item deal when you use code HOLIDAY13.

15% off Sitewide + Free Shipping with code SHOES15 on Valid 12/1-12/7.


Great service, fast shipping, and great selection. Everyone knows Zappos, and they often have great prices on their clearance shoes. is essentially the clearance site for Zappos (same parent company but run separately). They often have really low prices on running shoes, but you do have to pay shipping (discounts are often good enough to make it worth it). has a bunch of Skechers Performance shoes on sale at pretty low prices (GoRun, GoBionic, Trail Shoes). Click here to view selection. is running a Cyber Week sale:

Clever Training

Clever Training has a bunch of GPS watches on sale/clearance, including the Garmin Forerunner 610 for $219, Forerunner 310XT for $169.99 and Forerunner 210 for $149.99. Click here to check out the sales at Clever Training.

The Clymb

I’m pretty much addicted to The Clymb, great discount prices on clearance gear. I buy shoes from them often (they often carry Merrell, Inov-8, Altra on clearance), and most of my wife’s yoga clothing has been purchased there. Click the banner below to see the current sales.


In addition to cycling and swimming gear, Trivillage carries a good selection of running shoes, clothing, and accessories. I have arranged an exclusive 18% off code for purchases at Trivillage. That can be accessed by clicking the banner below and using code RBTri18 at checkout.

Trivillage Button photo Trivillage18125px_zpsf6b1ce97.jpg

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is over, but they are still offering $30% off a women’s or girl’s shoe with code MCDTWK30. The new GoRun 3, GoUltra, and GoMeb 2 are all now available on the website.

Leftlane Sports

Sales are now over.


Starting Cyber Monday – Starting at 25% discount on Monday for select items or max discount allowed by manufacturers on select product. Kindrunner will then decrease the discount by 1% each day until Christmas. Included products will be listed here.

All of December – Every shoe purchased, Kindrunner will donate $5 to Soles4Souls program to “bring Christmas to Haiti” (more info here)

Sales are now over.

Sales are now over.

Road Runner Sports

Sales are now over.

Holabird Sports

Sales are now over.


Sales are now over.

Joe’s New Balance Outlet

Sales are now over.

Sales are now over.



Sales are now over.

Sales are now over.

Track and Field Shoe Sale at Running Warehouse!

Running Warehouse Track Shoe ad
Running Warehouse Runblogger Sidebar

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Running Warehouse: Great prices on closeout shoes! View current selection. 25% or more off clearance running shoes - click here to view current selection.
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  1. Christian Eriksson says:

    Another one of those times when one wishes one was living in the States! Shipping, customs and added taxes unfortunately eats up the profit when ordering from overseas…

    • Nick Bradley says:

      I hear ya! But depends on what you want to buy. I live in the UK and just ordered a pair of Montrail FluidFlex for £52 all in, including duty, delivery and taxes from Used the voucher code for 25% off!

      • Are there equivalents to Black Friday and Cyber Monday overseas? Huge shopping days over here.

        • Gary Whorwood says:

          Not really. The idea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a phenomenon that seems peculiar to the USA (to the extent that some of the scenes of rampant bargain hunters sometimes make it into the TV news here).

      • Christian Eriksson says:

        Quite right, when prices are this low one can make real bargains despite being outside the USA! Just lamenting the fact that my favourite models where not heavily discounted just now, or that they won’t ship to Europe.

        Peter, this is an excellent service you provide, I just have to convince the wife that it’s time to move to Boulder ;)

  2. John Alford says:

    I second The Clymb. I’ve ordered tons of gear from that site, and I think everything was at least 50% off (up to 90%). Only problem is their shipping. Get it early, as I’ve often waited a few weeks for orders from there to come in.

  3. Not exactly mainstream but we’re having a sale at Unshoes. If you’re into running sandals check it out

  4. is having a 30% off sale. They have a pretty decent selection of running shoes (lots of really good sale prices on shoes too), plus a lot of swim, bike, run, and triathlon stuff. The only negative is they are usually a bit high on shipping.

  5. I guess my previous comment disappeared, but is having a 30% off sale. They have a bunch of running shoes already on sale and then it’s an extra $30 off of that. You can get a pair of A5’s for $53 including shipping (their shipping charges are a little high too). It’s a triathlon store, so they have a lot of other swim, bike, run and triathlon stuff too.

  6. Thanks Pete! I look forward to this post all year!

  7. Sockwa is having a 35% off sale.

    I wear Sockwas when I’m not running barefoot.

  8. I think what you really need is MORE affiliate links in your post. I mean really? Could you possibly cram any more spammy affiliate links? I mean a couple is reasonable, but this clearly shows you care less about your readers than making money. Pitiful.

  9. I’m a full-time blogger, this site is my job and how I feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. I provide hundreds of articles each year for free. Yes, no charge to my readers. To be able to do this, I need to make an income.

    Advertising and affiliate relationships allow me to put the amount of time I do into this website. Once a year I put together this post which has been very well received each time I do it (look at the comments above you, and my analytics support its popularity). In fact, in two years of doing my Black Friday roundup you are the only one who has complained about it.

    Yes there are a lot of affiliate links, but I very openly disclosed that at the very beginning of the post. You could have just stopped reading right there…

    • I have used your Running warehouse code six
      times this year to buy shoes. your reviews have also insured that the shoes I bought have been very good ones for my running style. Steve can surely find other running blog sites that he can read shoe reviews on if these affiliate ads are so off putting…..

  10. Holabird Sports has TONS of great Black Friday deals – way more than just apparel!! See full Black Friday deals here >>>

  11. Xero Shoes is having a 20% off sale through Monday.

    It’s our Small Blanksgiving Cyberversary sale (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, AND our 4 year anniversary!).

    We’re also now available on Amazon —

  12. Sean Rodgers says:

    Thanks for the sales tips Peter. I love your shoe reviews and also really want to thank you for the links you include for other reviews by a couple of your friends.

    Here are a couple of places I shop and that are having sales as well. Their customer service and ship times are awesome and I’ve never been let down by them. Their prices have been very competitive and sometimes they are the only place I can find a particular shoe.
    Code: ZBinBlack (20% off – Expires Midnight Dec 1st, 2013)

  13. Urban Running Girl shrugs just $20. Great for transitioning through the seasons or for extra coverage when you don’t need a jacket for the full run.

  14. Yes you can find shoes today at wholesale or below lots of places. I own a small store in a town of 3000 that hosts races, clinics, keeps jobs local, and just last weekend gave away about 300 pair of minimal kids shoes from VivoBarefoot. Here is recent Wee Warrior Dash
    We have some old stock on sale but cannot match this stuff. Come in anyway…we have warm cider and staff that will listen to you and help you get stronger and move better. Support your local small retailer if they are giving something back to your community. My children’s lives would be different if they did not have a old timey down town which they explore and call their own playground. Mark Cucuzzella Two Rivers Treads Shepherdstwon WV

    • Thanks for you post Mark! I own and operate a store very similar to your shop. Charles River Running is located in the thriving and vibrant downtown of Norwood MA. We just hosted our annual Reindeer Dash for kids today on the town common and had fresh baked cookies an free socks for everyone who came in yesterday for Small Business Saturday. We host races for local charities, sponsor a kids running club, host a run each Thursday night after dark, and take part in countless other activities to promote healthy living and the joy of running. While I have only been open for 18 months, the people of this community have embraced the store and the “buy local” philosophy. There will always be a place for the specialty store so let’s keep doing what we do!

    • Runblogger is by far my favorite shoe blog… but the very best video of perfect running form is Mark Cucuzella’s….all free and very much appreciated.Thanks!!!

    • Mark –

      The reality for me is that my ability to change careers and pursue this blog full time is largely due to support from online retailers. I’m more than open to advertising local specialty stores, but have not been approached by any. I can geotarget ads down to a single town so a store is only paying for views from people in their area. I’d love to see more specialty stores competing when it comes to advertising, but blogging full time is not sustainable for me right now without support from the online retailers.

      I’d add also that my audience is geographically diverse (including 40% international), and I have more than a few readers who don’t have access to a good specialty store. And when I say good I’m referring to stores like yours. I don’t support stores that push expensive shoes for bigger margins, or push insoles that are not needed for example. But a store that does a great job for its customers and supports its local running community is well worth supporting.

      I’d love to explore ways to work with specialty stores more closely – I think there are a lot of potential opportunities there.


  15. Thank you for the runningwearhouse code. Saved an extra 10% on my cyber monday shoes. So excited to get them!

  16. Sage to Summit is a mountain running and fastpacking shop in Bishop, CA – right at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which is in my biased opinion, some of the best mountain running in the U.S. We have a CYBER MONDAY deal going . . .
    20% off any order $100 or more (including on sale items) Use coupon code: Ultralight Gear

Shop Running Warehouse – Summer 2023

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