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Sale Alert: Merrell Barefoot and Trail Shoe Flash Sale at The Clymb

Merrell Vapor Glove Every once and awhile a sale comes around that’s worth sharing – this is one of them. The Clymb is currently running a flash sale on Merrell Footwear, and the prices are significantly discounted off MSRP. Here’s a list of current models and prices:

Merrell Trail Glove – minimally cushioned trail shoe, a personal favorite

Merrell Bare Access 2 – zero drop, cushioned road shoe

Merrell Road Glove – minimally cushioned, zero-drop road shoe

Merrell Vapor Glove – best barefoot-style shoe I’ve tried, zero cushion (pictured above)

Merrell Mix Master 2 – solid hybrid trail shoe

Merrell Mix Master Move – less luggy version of the Mix Master Trail

To view the entire men’s selection, head on over to The Clymb

There are also a bunch of women’s Merrell shoes on sale, you can see those here.

Finally, there are a bunch of Inov-8 shoes on sale. View the men’s and women’s selections.

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  1. Aaron R. says:

    Nice. Vapor Gloves for $58 shipped. Done and done.

  2. cesalec says:

    Pete, what about the sizing on the Vapors. I find it very odd what shoefitr tells me. It mentions I should go for a full size down compared to my NB MT10s (11US)

    as well as a full size down compared to my Inov8 bare xlite 150 (10.5us)

    • Pete Larson says:

      I wear my usual size in Merrell’s, never size down

      • Brian Hazard says:

        I’m a half size down, even compared to other Merrell’s.

        • Pete Larson says:

          I should clarify – I’ve always been a size 10 in Merrell, but have sized up to 10.5 in a lot of other brands. Used to be a 10 across the board but the Merrell fit is roomy so a 10 still works best for me.

          • Brian Hazard says:

            I wasn’t as clear as I could be either. The Vapor Glove is the only shoe I’ve worn since high school in size 9. Other Merrell’s are 9.5 and lots of other brand are 10. So for me, the Vapor Glove runs larger than any shoe I’ve worn as an adult, and an 8.5 wouldn’t be out of the question!

          • cesalec says:

            hmmmm I normally run sockless. and the MixMaster2 in 11(us) fits me better than the Trailrocs245 in 11(us).

            Comparing the Vapor to the MM2 it tells me to go for the same size in the MM2.

            That is why the results in shoeftr are so confusing to me the results on shoefitr. After 15kms I still Iike to have space for unrestricted toe splay. I am not sure I want them to be to glove like. I am ordering the Vapor in 11 if it feels to big then I´ll wear them with socks. I have noticed that even when I am wearing thin injinji toe socks my feet feel like half a size bigger inside the shoes just by using the socks.

            Although I dont think I´d run longer than 10k in the Vapor …O_o

            – While shoefitr tells me to go bigger in the Bare Access2 to 11.5 compared to the MM2.

            ( I seriously hate not being able to try the shoes before buying, but heck it is what it is)

          • Brian Hazard says:

            I started out with 9.5 (my regular size), and they seemed comically large. I’ve still got lots of extra room in front of my toes, and the upper is super stretchy and accommodates my wide feet just fine (barefoot). I guess you made the right choice to err on the side of too big, since you’re willing to wear socks as needed.

        • dearthoir says:

          Half a size down here as well. Unlike any other merrell or VFF.

  3. Brian Hazard says:

    Picked up the Inov8 Bare-X Lite 150. I don’t really run in the Vapor Gloves much anymore because I hate constantly scanning the road a few feet in front of me. I’m hoping the 150s will provide a touch more protection, with a little less weight than my go-to Altra The One.

    • cesalec says:

      How dou you feel them? I also have them though in 10.5us (all my other shoes are 11) and they feel loooong sometimes I trip, but they are confy and light. I just dont like the more traditional upper of Inov8, in hot weather as in my region the feel, really hot and heavy (compared to new balance for example)

      • Brian Hazard says:

        You mean how do I feel in the Vapor Gloves? Yeah, they feel long to me too. I usually just wear them casually, if I’m not going to be standing for long periods of time. Running-wise, I learned not to take them on trails after bruising my feet up, and I’m okay on streets if I watch for rocks like a hawk (pretending for a moment that hawks scan for rocks).

        • cesalec says:

          I meant the Bare xlite. These are longish compared to the rest, even longer thant my 11US trailrocs…

        • dearthoir says:

          Brian, see my post above, for a strange reason the vapor glove tend to size large. I always use 11 in VFFs and other merrell and ended up using 10.5 for the vapor glove. I have logged runs up to 23km with no socks on them and not a single blister, like a perfect glove.

  4. Aaron R. says:

    Hey Pete: Did you ever post a review of the Vapor Glove? I see your pre-review but not a subsequent review. Kind of late now, but I was wondering what your overall impressions were. I had trouble with the midfoot/arch area with the trail gloves and went with a half size bigger with the Vapor Gloves to see how they feel.

    • Pete Larson says:

      I did not write a full review, still need to. I love the shoe, wore it to work all the time last semester. There is no prominent arch in the Vapor Glove since the sole is just a thin layer of rubber with zero cushioning.

      • dearthoir says:

        I have logged around 600km in a pair of vapor glove since march and they are excellent (up to 23km longest run). Usually run in VFF (seeyas LS or bikilas) and these Merrell are my favourites big time. Looking forward to read your review. As pointed out by others, the sizing is a bit short. I usually go for a 11 in VFFs and my merrell vapor glove are 10.5, the 11 was a bit too long. I have also a pair of trail glove that are a 11 like the VFF spyridon LS which are my two pairs for mountain running. So something strange definetely with the vapor glove sizing.

  5. bob baks says:

    Dangit. So tempting. Think I’ll save my money for the ridiculous Universe 5 coming out soon.

  6. BJ Smith says:

    Those are great prices. I’d like another pair of Bare Access 2’s. I’m glad they don’t have Ascend Gloves since I just ordered a pair on Sunday … I would’ve been annoyed.

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