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Skechers GoBionic Trail: Photos and Review Link

GObionic Trail Rnd 3Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to do pre-release product testing and development work with the performance footwear team at Skechers. It’s been an incredibly fun process, and getting to see suggestions that you make find their way into a shoe released on the market is quite a kick!

I’ve been given the go-ahead to talk about the newest release from Skechers, the GoBionic Trail. I had quite a bit of input on the GoBionic road shoe, and was excited when I heard they would be creating a trail version. When I received my first early production pair, it did not disappoint. Soft feel underfoot, wide toebox, luggy sole, and 4mm drop with the insole (zero drop without).

Given that I’m mostly a road runner, I largely kept to the sidelines on development feedback for the GoBionic Trail – runners like my friends Nate and Caleb are much more qualified to comment on a shoe designed for long miles on trails. However, based on the runs I have done in the shoe I’d rank it among the best of the trail shoes I personally have worn for the type of running I do (mostly mixes of light trail and road).



My coach Caleb Masland wore the GoBionic Trail to a victory at the HAT 50K back in March, and he just posted his review of the shoe along with some comments on his role in the design process. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say about using them in the race:

“I wore these shoes (actually, the final test round version) when I ran the HAT Run 50k this March. That race features a combination of single track, grass, pavement, gravel, and 4 deep stream crossings. I picked these shoes because they are versatile. They feel as good on hard roads as they do on trails, and they grip in the mud just as well as any other shoes. I was very pleased with their performance, and I credit a good shoe choice as one of the reasons that I was able to win the race.”

You can read Caleb’s full review of the Skechers GoBionic Trail here.



The shoes should be available on-line in a few weeks, and I hope to get some additional miles on them after my marathon in a few weeks. I will say that Caleb’s review matches my experience, but I hope to get Nate to review them either here or on his own blog for a slightly different perspective (i.e., suitability for a 100 mile race).

For now, head on over to Caleb’s GoBionic Trail review for more details.

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  1. dog runner says:

    woohoo! Finally! And just in time!

  2. Brad Pearce says:

    I note that the sole is VERY different than the sole on the GoTrail, which generally is very comfortable.

  3. It would be great to hear a comparison to the gotrail, which I have and like. But it lacks grip and does not have enough underfoot protection for me to run longer distances.

  4. David Tollefson says:

    Hey Pete, I remember when you first got these, and said something about “finding excuses to run in them.” They immediately became my favorites in my shoe rotation as well. Just posted my own review:… It IS cool to see comments and suggestions implemented on follow-on iterations of a shoe under development. Working with Skechers has been fun.

    • Pete Larson says:

      Yeah, it’s a great shoe, then winter happened and I stopped running trails :) Need to get through my marathon so I can play in the wood again!
      Sent from my iPad

  5. theskinnyfatdad says:

    I normally don’t think of Skechers brand shoes when thinking about running shoes. Good to know that they hold up and our effective. Are there any other brands outside of Nike, New Balance, Brooks, that you would recommend?

    -Kevin Wood :

    • David Tollefson says:

      Merrell and Altra come to mind.

    • Pete Larson says:

      Skechers is new to the serious running shoe market, and they’re making some great progress. In addition to the brands that David mentioned, I do well in Saucony shoes and Iov-8 makes some great trail shoes.
      Sent from my iPad

  6. Stefan says:

    Maybe a new zero drop trail option? Just hope this removable-sockliner-drop-strategy does not turn out as disastrous as for the Brooks Drift.
    Also wonder what “soft feel” means?

    Given Skechers reasonable pricing policy I may have an alternative to my fragile Trailroc 235s now.

  7. Totally off-topic, but when I look at the Skechers website, I saw that the original Skecher Go Bionic has disappeared from their website, only the Go Bionic Ride remains. Are they end of line (I don’t hope so), or is there already a second version coming?

    I would like to try the Go Bionic trail, but since I live in the middle of the city and all my runs are on pavement or tarmac, I have no need for this shoe.

  8. Hi Pete,

    I picked up a pair of the Skechers Go Run 2 last month and they have quickly replaced the Kinvara as my go to shoe. Slightly off topic, but I find the way Skechers names their shoes to be slightly confusing. Do you know what the difference is between the Go Run2, GoRun2 Ride and GoRun2 Supreme is?

  9. Scott Revlin says:

    I have such an anti-skechers bias. I wish they had spun off a sub-brand.

    • dog runner says:

      You should get over that :)
      I had the same bias and only tried the Go Bionic because of Pete’s involvement and endorsement. I am very glad I did because it has been my go-to shoe (except for technical trails).

    • David Tollefson says:

      You know, I had similar thoughts when I heard that Skechers was marketing a “serious” running shoe, and even had Meb on their roster. Seriously? Skechers? But I heard enough good stuff that I went and tried the original Go Run on at a Skechers store, fully prepared to laugh my butt off. But I was impressed. Impressed enough to walk out with a pair right then and there (after paying for them, of course). They’ve got some great minds in the design department, and they’re going to the users, the REAL users, for feedback and tweaking. Everything I’ve seen come out of their design house so far is good stuff, and it keeps getting better.

    • I did too. As in, wouldn’t even acknowledge the brand, even with Meb on board. But I was curious because of some of Pete’s posts. And then I ran in them, and then I ran in them over and over and over. I have four models now. http://schrupthink.wordpress.c

  10. Pete, two questions: Does it have a rock plate/fabric? Do you know the stack heights? Caleb didn’t share this.

  11. Daryl Reed says:

    Does it have a soft heel collar similar to the other go line? I have had a previous Achilles insertion surgery and the go line heel collar works great. I also have a pair of the go trails and am not a fan. The heel works but shoe is very sloppy. Are they similar?

  12. I did all my runs leading up to and including a 50 mile trail run in the GoRun 2. Loved it except I slipped a bunch on some mud. Might pick these up, but any idea if they’ll make a trail version of the GoRun 2 instead of this trail version of the GoBionic? Need a little more cushioning than what the GoBionic provides. Although the cushioning with the insole might not be too bad if the insole stays in place. Had to ditch the insole of the GoRun 2 since it kept bunching up.

    • Pete Larson says:

      There is a Skechers trail shoe already on the market that is well cushioned but a bit sloppy in terms of fit. The GoBionic trail is really quite a different shoe than the road version, feels better cushioned to me.

  13. Harun Ur Rashid Tanvir says:

    Hi Pete, just visited your blog, can you please suggest me a running shoe? I’m mainly a cricketer and need a pair of running shoe for fitness training purpose

    Tanvir –

  14. Tertius Steyn says:

    Pete, inspired by all your positive comments about Skechers I went out and got their only running shoe currently available in South Africa, the GoRun. What a weird shoe, but amazing to run in. Thanks for putting Skechers “on the map” for me, and many others I’m sure.

  15. zaparun says:

    Hi Pete, fantastic and complete blog, I really like. I invite you to visit my Web application running shoes comparator advisor, from Spain.

  16. Do you know when it will be available? I can’t find it anywhere!!!

  17. Hello,
    (i am not really confortable with english so please excuse my mistakes) living in Belgium I am a regular user of the Skechers Go Run 1 and 2. Practicing hard trail running, I am greatly interested in this new shoe but it is not sold in my country and I am forced to order it on online sites. Could you tell me about the sizing in comparison for example with my size in Go Run (US 9.5). In advance, thanks

    • Pete Larson says:

      I wear the same size in both. Just be aware that there is a Go Trail shoe, it’s not the same shoe as the GoBionic Trail. I like the latter better, not sure if its available for sale yet.

  18. FYI – the shoe is now on the Skecher’s website. Orange colorway.

  19. Would this shoe good for “door-to-trail” training? Does the outsole last long using it on pavement?

  20. I love the fit and feel of these shoes, but after just a few weeks I developed serious pain at the the ball area of my 3rd and 4th toes. I’ve had to stop using them. Is there a way I could alter them to prevent this?

    • Depends on what caused the pain I suppose. Did you stomp on a rock by any chance? Could be a stone bruise. Could also try adding some cushion under the forefoot, maybe a metatarsal pad or something like that.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.
        I know it’s the shoe. Any time I run, it reoccurs in around 30 minutes.
        I LOVE these shoes, right amount of cushion,
        toe room, mid foot strike….

  21. I just bought a pair. I tried on one pair without the sockliner in my size and it felt too big. I tried another pair on in a half size down with the sockliner, and it was too small. I bought a pair in my size, with the sockliner in, and it seems about right – even better when I laced it up using the extra hole towards the ankle. I went running on a mix of asphalt, dirt, and rocky/leafy/rooty uphill trail, and they performed wonderfully. The proof is always over the longer term, but a great first day with the GBTs.

  22. John Keat says:

    My GBTs died this morning after just 152 miles. Both shoes have split between the sole and the upper on the inner edge. Luckily I’ve been able to get a refund
    Anyone else had a similar issue?
    I loved them and would like to get another pair but if it’s a common problem I might look at something differnt.

  23. Hello, thanks for sharing your review for go bionic trail shoe but one thing I want to know is that how good is the outsole of this shoe?Is it durable and what material is outsole made of?

    • The sole is a mix of Resalyte foam and few patches of rubber (black in the image in the post). Durability depends entirely on your stride and your typical running surfaaces – if you are a scuffer on roads, my guess is the sole will not do as well.

  24. Hi – do you know if these shoes have been discontinued? can’t find them on skechers anymore. if so, they have a replacement in the works?? tks!

    • The Bionic Trail has been discontinued. Not sure if a replacement model is in the works.

      • Thanks for the headsup! This is the *best* shoe for my foot & road conditions and I’m so so sad to hear it’s discontinued. I had been eagerly waiting for a new years model to come out. Instead I just bought out the little boys size 7’s on Amazon as womens and mens aren’t available anywhere in my size anymore.

  25. I’ve got a pair of these and love them. The fit is perfect. Any other shoes with a similar fit?


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