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Marathon Training Update: April 14 to April 20

I’m going to keep this one short since this has been an eventful week on multiple fronts. My main goals for the week was to get in a solid mid-distance run during the week and a strong 20 mile run today – everything else was secondary. The plan at the outset was for it to be a step-back week, but I stepped it back a bit more than Caleb had planned to ensure I could get in the 20 miler without too much trouble.

Workout Summary:

Monday: Planned off day.

Tuesday: 3.03 miles at 8:19 pace. Easy run in the adidas Energy Boost. Too much heel for my taste, but better than previous runs in the shoe. Definitely built for a pronounced heel striker, so not a good match for me.

Wednesday: 9.03 miles at 7:46 pace. Solid 6 mile progressive run, followed by 3 easy. Didn’t feel great out there, but got it done. Saucony Fastwitch 6 on the feet. Splits:
1 08:41.7
2 08:09.9
3 07:41.1
4 07:22.7
5 07:02.7
6 06:45.5
7 08:05.9
8 08:06.3
9 08:03.6

Thursday: 2.6 walk-jog miles with my 5K Yes I Can! team.

Friday: Family in town, took the day off.

Saturday: Family in town, took the day off.

Sunday: 20.05 miles at 8:10 pace. Ran 20 miles in 2:43:39. Got it done, but it hurt a bit in the last 5 miles. Kept the pace steady throughout, finished strong with a 7:24 mile 20. Saucony Virrata on the feet – love the shoe, but calves were sore at the end so may opt for a 4mm heel lift for the marathon. Stopped mid-way for a gel and 16oz of Nuun. Sick of the wind!!! Splits:

1 08:29.2
2 08:08.7
3 08:13.9
4 08:15.2
5 08:22.9
6 08:15.8
7 08:16.0
8 08:14.5
9 08:17.6
10 08:17.8
11 08:12.3
12 08:21.1
13 08:02.8
14 07:59.3
15 07:59.3
16 08:07.1
17 08:11.2
18 08:12.7
19 08:04.5
20 07:23.9
21 :23.7

Low mileage week, but glad I got in a solid 20 miler.

Caleb’s plan next week (April  22-28):

  • Easy Miles: 5, single run
  • Strength Routines: Taekwondo
  • Workout 1 (Tuesday/Wednesday): 10 miles total.  Warm up for 25 minutes, then run one fartlek cycle:
    • 6 minutes on (at moderate/hard effort)
    • 2 minutes recovery
    • 5 minutes on
    • 2 minutes recovery
    • 4 minutes on
    • 2 minutes recovery
    • 3 minutes on
    • 2 minutes recovery
    • 2 minutes on
    • 2 minutes recovery
    • 1 minute HARD

Cool down to reach mileage for the day.

  • Workout 2 (Thursday/Friday): 10 miles total.  Warm and cool distances are up to you.  Meat of the workout is 6 x 2k.  Run paces between MP and HMP for the first 4, then push hard for #5, and then ease back to MP/HMP for the last rep.  2:00 jog recoveries in between repeats.
  • Long (Saturday/Sunday): 18 miles with some quality. Run the first 10 easy, then for the remaining 8 miles run the first 60 seconds of each mile at a moderate to hard effort, and run the remainder easy. Be sure to fuel like a marathon for this one, so you don’t bonk late in the run!

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  1. I love Caleb’s plans, here keeps them varied from week to week,

  2. I love Caleb’s plans, they are so varied from week to week, so it keeps things interesting. I don’t know if I’ve had the same workout twice since starting with the team in December.

  3. It very great plan for increase worth of running. I love this plan and would follow it.

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