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Running Form in My Son at 18 and 30 Months of Age

In a comment to a post I wrote earlier today someone suggested that I should take a video of my son running every six months to track how his form changes over time. This is a great idea, and my kids are used to being guinea pigs for me, so I thought I’d start by pulling together the first two videos I have of my littlest guy Benjamin.

Below is a video showing him running at 18 and 30 months of age. It’s amazing to watch how much more fluid his movement is in the second clip, and I’m now really curious to find out at what point he’ll alter his arm swing from straight to bent elbows. Time will tell!

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  1. Too cute!! But a very interesting idea as well!

  2. i’ve been interested in watching when and how the form changes as people get older, naturally anyway
    and your son running at 18 months old always makes me laugh at how adorable it is :D

  3. That was a big change between the two already!

  4. Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT says:

    I just filmed my 6 yo running in the yard for a Running Injury and Prevention presentation I’m doing later tonight. Mid-foot strike but still running with her arms straight! Maybe because she’s in gymnastics?

  5. Patrick Johnson says:

    I like that he’s basically in the same outfit for both videos (green top, blue pants). Can you make sure you stick with that wardrobe until he’s, say, 25?

  6. Christopher Babb says:

    Wow that is a major change

  7. M Louise Cunningham says:

    He is so cute!!

  8. ithinkicanrun says:

    Hey Pete has your kid taken queues from your blog and book? I am amazed at how fluid, even at 18 months, your son’s motion is. No clunky feet and set to be the next big thing in the running game!

  9. The first video is unshod and the second shod. Does that make a difference in the form, do you find?

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