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Altra Superior Trail Running Shoe: First Look Video

I just received a pair of Altra Superior trails shoes in the mail (I purchased them at Running Warehouse – they are now in-stock). My plan was to run in them today and write a first impression report tonight, but it turns out they run small so I need to send them back for a half-size up. In the interim, I thought I’d try something new and shoot a quick video showing some of the features of the shoe – here goes!

For an early take, check out this review of the Altra Superior by a reader on the Runblogger Forum.

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  1. Derek Morrison says:

    Watch out for that hawk…

  2. Can’t stream the vid at work… Are you saying they run small relative to the Instinct?

  3. Scott Lynch says:

    I tried these on today in my local shop. Started with my normal size in Instincts, but had to go up 1.5 sizes to get enough toe room in the Superior. For some reason, the heel pushes my foot very far forward. I’m wondering if I should buy a smaller size in hopes that the heel loosens up a bit. Very strange…

  4. So they run smaller than the Instinct? I wear 11.5 in the Instinct, should I go half or a full size up?


  5. Same for me, got a 12 of the Lone Peak and the Superior yesterday, will have to go up half a size in the Superior.

  6. How does it compare to the Lone Peak? I have the Lone Peak and so far i am very satisfied, not too soft, not to firm, durable, wide toebox and good protection.

  7. These would have been so much better for me than the Lone Peaks that I bought a year ago. Even though I love the Intuitions, I couldn’t get a good fit in the Lone Peaks. The lateral side of the shoe kept pressing my foot painfully no matter how I laced it. It was also very stiff. I wasn’t really able to run in the Lone Peaks, so finally I got rid of the hard mountain-shaped overlay on the lateral side using a knife. That freed my feet from the pressure, but I still don’t enjoy running in the shoes because of the stiffness. The Superior seems to be even more flexible than the Intuition.

    • Cettu — I had the same issue trying on the Lone Peak. No matter what I did, there was that painful pressure on the 5th metatarsal. I’m hoping the Superior, with the lack of the stiff overlays, remedies that problem. I talked with Brian Beckstead last year about it (…, and that’s when I found out about some of the coming models.

  8. These are the only shoes that don’t make my feet feel like they are being crushed. And, I’m able to run in these just like I do when barefoot. (and yes, I’m a supinator) :0)

  9. Did you happen to weigh them? Altra claims 7.9 oz (8.9 with rock plate), but running warehouse has them marked as 10.3 oz (and Lone Peak at 10.2 oz). Seem curious as they are supposed to at least be lighter than the Lone Peaks.

  10. The toebox seems too much elevated.

  11. I bought a pair. Went on 2 rather slow 5 mile trail runs. I have been running in Nike Free +3 and there is quite a difference. For me there will be a couple week transition at least.

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