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Sole Delamination in New Balance Minimus MT00 Trail Shoes

While walking around Santa’s Village in northern New Hampshire yesterday I noticed that the sole of my New Balance Minimus MT00 shoes was starting to peel away from the upper in three separate locations – seems to be worst along the lateral forefoot. Curious if anyone else has had a similar problem – see photos below:

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  1. I had issues with some delam in a pair of Minimus Trails similar to this. I emailed NB and they sent me a new pair on the condition I send my defective pair back. Did so and no problems since!

    • Pete Larson says:

      Good to hear it, maybe a problem with a subset of the shoes – sometimes there are factory quality control issues. I know Vibram went through this with early Bikilas.

  2. Francesco Perri says:

    I’ve had my NB MT101’s tear apart like that in several places to the point where I can no longer use them(and I had only been using them for 3 months & 350 miles). Then my MT110’s have started to tear in a few places and even the sole of the shoe is coming apart(that in about the same amount of time). My sense is that those shoes are made so lightweight at the expense of actually being durable. I won’t buy NB trail shoes again until I see a superior quality product and from what I understand the 00 have an even thinner material than their predecessors. What’s the point of being that light if it just falls apart within months?

    • Chris Southby says:

      My MT00s are coming apart at the inside of the heel area. Looks like there is not enough glue or the glue is not durable enough.

  3. Adam Miarka says:

    All reviews I’ve read said they fall apart after 50+ miles. Wonder how NB will respond.

  4. How common is this with other shoes, like Vibrams or Merrells? My fivefingers haven’t had delam. issues.

    • Tristan Rosier says:

      My Brother-in-law has had a lot of delamination problems with two pairs of Merrell Bare Access, but I haven’t had any issues with NB MT20’s or Merrell Embark’s.

      • Pete Larson says:

        I’ve had the issue on the Bare Acess to – one of the gray rubber patches on the sole is peeling. Fortunately that should be an easy fix with a bit of Loctite glue. Harder to reattach an upper to a sole!

    • Pete Larson says:

      Happened to me with a pair of Vibram Bikilas. Probably a glue issue.

  5. I have a pair of MT00 trails, that I’ve run in quite a bit.

    No delamintation issues, but I have a small tear in the nylon upper wear the ball of the big toe flexes.
    These are nice shoes, but I wonder if they are too minimal to the point of being delicate.
    – rovatti

    • Pete Larson says:

      That was my initial concern with them too. I love the shoe, but the durability seems to be iffy.

  6. I have not had that problem, but the lining between the foot and sole has came unglued in 3 of the 5 pairs we own

  7. No delamination issues with MT00, MR00, MT101, MT110 or MR10. Then again the MT00 upper is way too thin and has two holes that have just appeared without any hard friction.

  8. My 6 year old son wears the trail gloves and the same thing happened.

    • Pete Larson says:

      Happened to my son with the TG too, just along the toebox. Fortunately it didn’t progress to a big problem and got almost a full school year out of them.

  9. JoeMcfly says:

    I’ve worn every minimus shoe and I especially love the mt00 because it is so minimal. I guess all super-minimal shoes have an increased risk of delamination, but I hope this doesn’t scare NB away from trying to make it work in the future.

  10. I have multiple problems with the MT00. From upper that cuts to my feet sock less, to delamination like described & simply this is the last pair in my shoe sand that I want to wear.

    I regret buying them, and wouldnt recommend them.
    I had very high expectation and the failed on things I didn’t imagine àt all they would fail.

  11. The Nail Buff says:

    I actually got less than a month’s wear out of mine before the nylon upper tore.
    The shoes were very comfortable, but that is laughably low quality. It’s not like I do hundreds of miles a week or anything.
    Luckily I had no problems returning them.

  12. Jay Fast says:

    I probably have around 80 miles on mine. While they haven’t pulled away, I have been a little disappointed by the wearing of the soles on the bottom. About half the miles have been street and half trail. I like the shoes otherwise a lot.

  13. I bought these for my husband about 6 weeks ago. They already have big tears along the sole and the very top. He normally wears Merrell Trail Glove and will be going back to those – never any issues!

  14. I’ve ran 150+ miles in the MT00 and I’ve had no issues, but I do try to keep exceptionally good care of them (like avoiding puddles, avoid low branches, use for only running).

  15. i love the way the mt00 feels but ive’destroyed 2 pairs in 2 months. the first pair lasted two weeks before the rubber on the toe ripped and was falling off. the store replaced them for free and since i liked the feel of the shoe so much i was happy to try again. the second pair didn’t last longer without problems i simply accepted the lack of durability and have since put holes across the uppers with normal wear and apparently tear. also the sole is seperating. if the shoe was 30 dollars i wouldn’t be upset but 100 and change is ridiculous for a shoe that fails regularly.

  16. I have a paid of NB636V1s that delaminated. Shoes are in good condition and I wonder what type of glue to use to fix them. I’m one of those people who would prefer not to throw away good items. Less waste in the local landfill too.

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