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Zero Drop New Balance Minimus: Preview Videos of the MT00, WT00, MR00, and WR00 from Running Warehouse

Haven’t had enough time lately to put together a regular blog post, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to put up a quick one with some preview videos of the new line of zero drop New Balance Minimus shoes from Running Warehouse. Below are preview videos of the MT00, WT00, MR00, and WR00. Enjoy!

And just for fun, here is the preview video of the New Balance Minimus MT110 – I’m actively putting miles on this shoe right now and am liking it a lot!

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  1. New Balance, hands down, is the putting out the best products out of anyone

    • Pete Larson says:

      I’m getting a preview of Merrell’s new offerings this weekend, they are right up there with NB as far as minimalist goes. Those two are setting the bar high!

      • Peter Alford says:

        Very excited to hear your take on Merrell’s new offerings.  Both the running and barefoot life lines look very interesting.  Really want to hear what people say about the new road glove.

  2. Damn, I think I’ll have to get both mt and mr.
    One thing I’ve got to make sure though, is the forefoot width.

    • Indeed, not just forefoot (which most companies seem to think is at the ball of the foot only), but also the toe box. GUYS! Look at what Altra did with their toe box and stop assuming we all have bunions!

  3. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to the MR00 and the MT110. Thanks for the update.

  4. Interesting the Men’s shoes are hot pink…

    As a faithful MT101’er I look forward ot the MT110’s I am sure a price point hasn’t been released but I can only hope the 110’s are as affordable as the 101’s.

  5. From the pictures only (haven’t actually seen the shoes or the current minimus shoes) I am concerned about the reinforcing materials over the toebox causing blisters on the medial side, just like the saucing hattoris do for me (and many others from what I’ve read online)

  6. PaulDavisTheFirst says:

    I’m nervous. The MT10 (Minimus Trail) is pretty close to a perfect shoe from my perspective. It provides a great balance between durability, weight, heel/toe drop, just enough material underfoot to be useful, and more. Everything I’ve seen about the MT00 so far suggests that weight is pushing out everything else. If they keep making the MT10 I won’t care, but my concern is that the MT00 will replace it. The new sole looks massively less durable than the existing one, and I actually really, really like the metatarsal “strap”. I also think that the heel shape on the back of the MT00 looks dubious compared to the MT10, and I liked the heel strap for getting my foot properly positioned inside the shoe. So … do I need to go out and buy up all the backstock of the MT10 (orange, please), or not?

  7. I see that NB followed close on the heels (haha) of Merrell with the MT00 by incorporating one of the few problems I have with the Trail Glove — that daylight you can see under the shoe! I can already tell that the MT110 would be a far better shoe for me than the MT00, especially if the wide size isn’t wide in the heel. Also, I’ll have to try on the MR00.

    • Pete Larson says:

      Yep, that daylight concerns me, and it is the one big issue I have with the Trail Glove. The lateral margin of the foot is in contact with the ground when we stand on it!

  8. Thank you for all of your reviews! I am in love with the free, but winter is cold, slushy, icy, and snowy here, and I run partially on trails, so I think I need something more durable and erm, less meshy because it’s freezing and wet!!! (are all minimalist runners totally fine with running in Bikram’s in snow!? Isn’t it kind of cold!?). So I have looked at the Minimus MT10 and it looks great, except for the freezing wet post slush puddle experience I will not doubt have. The 110 looks a bit better, but only if as comfortable as the 10. The merrell’s run wide, so I haven’t tried them on, but interestingly, their site has much different shoes for women than men- the barefoot models are different, and the gore tex option isn’t even there!! What’s up with that!?

  9. I have been definitely searching for a great new running shoe, and these look like they will fit the bill; I am swooning over those hot pink ones!

  10. Thirstygreek says:

    Wish NB would come up with an answer to the Kinvara. Low drop with some cushion

  11. mastershake says:

    I really wanted to get these when they came out, but i dont understand why nb decided to make pink their launch color way for the mens. Anyone know of any other color ways for the men except for the pink 

    • Pete Larson says:

      It’s actually red, just looks pink in the videos. I have the shoe and can vouch for the color.
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