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  1. I seem to be having a problem with the Running Warehouse discount. When I click on “submit” to enter the code, the RW site tells me it can’t find the discount. Am I the only person having a problem? :) Thanks!

    • Pete Larson says:

      Sandy – Running Warehouse discontinued the code yesterday, which is why I
      set up this page. I’m currently working on additional options.

  2. I really like RW.  I hope they reinstate the discount.

  3. keenrunner says:

    rwjuly11 is a current promo for Running Warehouse 10% off in July for those interested. As far as I know it is a widespread promo and there are no limitations to specific clubs etc so i don’t think I’m doing the wrong thing by posting it in here. Sad to see the runblogger one discontinued though :(

  4. Hi Pete. I love your blog, it has introduced me to minimalism and my running and record of injuries have both improved massively as a result. Got my first pair of Kinvaras today on your recommendation. I can see they will be my favourites. Just a note about the Running Warehouse referral link- I tried it today but it didn’t work. The website (RW) kept telling me to re-enter code. Then, when it was re-entered, it said there was an error with the code. Frustrating. Hope they fix it so we can show you a little support.

  5. Noemail says:

    what happened to coupon?

    • Pete Larson says:

      They discontinued it a few days ago, hoping it will return at some point.
      It’s beyond my control right now.

  6. featurecoupon says:

    Wow ….. This information is fabulous. I buy my shoes on the shelf off the Sports Authority. I suppose it was the shoes have been replaced by a newer model.
    coupon code

  7. REGRunner says:

    How do you get the$ 25 off promotion at

  8. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for all get work you do. One thing though, I tried using the link for Revolution running but 10% of doesn’t seem to work. I clicked the link discount doesn’t appear at checkout

    • Pete Larson says:

      Thanks for letting me know – was a brand new affiliate as of yesterday. Turns out you need the code – I’ve updated the links with the code you need to input.


      • Thanks Pete appreciate your quick reply. I tried minrun10 or minrun 10 (with a space) at checkout but seems that code is invalid.

        • Pete Larson says:

          Hmm…just tried minrun10 and seems to be working fine for me. Which shoes are you trying to apply it to?


          • I was trying on Altra Adam wanted to give that a try but looks like it doesn’t work on sale item. I tried on Instinct and that worked. So sale item are excluded I think. Thanks for help.

          • Pete Larson says:

            Figured it out. Does work on sale items, but total has to be $75 for the coupon to apply. So Adam alone doesn’t work because it is only $65, but sale shoes above $75 do apply.

          • Thanks Pete. I think there is some brand restriction though because it work on Merrell True glove but not on Inov-8 x-talon both are on sale. Even I tried on two pair of Altra Adam but no luck. 

          • Pete Larson says:

            I’m working things through with Kyle who runs the store – the on-line operation is new so there may be some kinks. They’re good people and a small business, so we’ll hopefully get things sorted out.

          • Thanks Pete, no problem. I really appreciate your help and love reading your blog posts.

  9. Daniel Young says:

    Thanx for sharing all kind info . And i thing cracking in mind again and again . no doubt its good but where can i find this coupon. can u please tell me.

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